Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Optimism Behind The Downpour [The 17th blog]

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Rain comes and goes sporadically in Java, especially in Jakarta and its surrounding. It has been days since our school released us early due to the heavy rain that yielded a deluge within our school areal. The early release was so sudden since I was just finished watching PeHa Idol. That particular rain was unpredictable for people thought it would stayed as a soothing drizzle. As the result, most of my friends suffer lethal traffic. Angelina's car was trapped for four hours in it without moving any significant inch. My friend Ivan arrived at nine o'clock even though his bus went earlier than the others. Frederick and his brother have to stay at Imperial Aryaduta hotel and can only go home at night. While they sacrifice their time to went home, some people like Jesse and Adrian decided to sleepover at my house. The heavy traffic made picking-ups impossible.

When I watched TV right after I arrived at home (I lived in Lippo Karawaci), almost all TV stations were broadcasting the flood and traffic that occurred in Jakarta live. It really moved my heart when I see the flood that occurred in slum areas, it really did. The flood is almost 1.6 meters and it seeped through their poor houses; destroying their households, making them homeless and sick. I felt pity for them. I mean, what did they do wrong that they have to suffered a complete loss? They broke liters of sweat everyday just to earn a little money, so little that it can only afford their food for one day, and yet they have to loss everything: tangible and intangible object. And when everything is lost, they don't know what they will give to feed their family.

Note that their health condition is treated by cheap or no medication, and the flood just made it worst. Why those despicable dictators and corruptors - worst people who put their country to pitch darkness - did not crashed by this natural dilemma instead? I know that life is unfair, but this is too much.

Yet behind this misery, there is a lesson for the country. Through the innumerable damage, loss, and other problems that are caused by the rain, we hope that the government will open their eyes to this archipelago that is not treated well in terms of environment. It seems to me that the government did not put much effort in establishing cleanliness within our country. Littering trash to sewer is one of the major problems, as well as the one responsible for the fatal flood. Maybe another axion would be the less educated denizens are those who litter, yet their action is because the government did not stress the environmental awareness to them, and to us. Discussing this littering issue would be exceptionally long and I think it should be clear what I am trying to say. Indonesia has too many littering issue to be written as a blog. As Indonesians we, without a doubt, should realize our environment's pitiful status.

Maybe they think that this is unimportant but when it comes to natural disaster, the environment is the determinant. Days after this heavy rain stopped, landslide starts to occur in most villages or slum areas (yes, again, they are the victim) and took people's life. Most of them are children. In my opinion, this avoidance is the reason why Indonesia's growth is slower than any other countries. They do not know that nature holds a significant effect.

Anyhow, let's just see this rain as the time to introspect ourselves upon our action and care towards our environment. We should feel pity for the unfortunate people who are always harmed. We should also show respect to them - without their hard work we might not be able to have rice or fresh fruits! But most of all, we should lend our hands to help Indonesia into a cleaner and greener archipelago. Just like it used to be.

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