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DaNte's Post

DaNte's Post

On this very day, we are celebrating a very special event that happens annually. This event has been a blessing for humanity, and all the creatures of this planet. It is the BIRTHDAY OF OUR PIMP: JONATHAN MARSHALL PANGKEY II!!! For your information Ms. Jess, Jonathan Marshall Pangkey is this ugly... no, HANDSOME, dashing, bold, intellectual, and awesome man on our grade. He is IRRESISTIBLE for women and he is a chick magnet. He is the ONE AND ONLY PIMP!!! Well that is beside the point of this blog... let's just start:

Of Trailers and Spoilers

Correct me if I'm wrong, but there's always something that we look forward to in the cinemas right? If you are not a movie enthusiast, then there is something to look forward in the video games console. This is all thanks to trailers that are posted everywhere, especially before the movies in the theater start. Trailers, are very, very well... annoying, in a way. If the trailer was shown a year before the actual movie/game/electronics is released, people will go 'UGH! I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE THING!!! HURRY UP!'. In economics term, this will make the demand for the good more inelastic, since trailers are a form of advertisement.

The iPhone advertisement/pictures were revealed around a year before the actual item was released. When the iPhone was officially released in the U.S., Apple aficionados went hectic and the amount of iPhones sold went skyrocket. When the infamous Sony PlayStation 3 was released, people lined up even before the store was open and the stock for PS 3 in all retailing stores in Japan was finished. This is what happens to advertisement, or trailers. My friend, Jason (formerly known as James) was so exhilarated when the Iron Man movie was released. I myself had been a victim to trailers. I became and act like a crazed lunatic waiting for the new season of Heroes. Well, I acted like that when I watched the trailer, but now I became normal again... sort of. I went rampage when I watched the trailer of Kingdom Hearts 3. There are a lot of trailers that have drove me insane and obsessed.

Despite the fact that trailers are thrilling and exciting, there are some crappy trailers that boils your blood and irritates your eyes. If you don't know what I'm talking about, read my previous previous blog post, or watch the trailer of 'SUMPAH POCONG'. That is the definition of sh*t, friends. Really. I can't think of anything worse than that. Not yet, at least. That trailer is degrading the media of Indonesia. Some items or products weren't as expected as when they are in the trailers too, especially Indonesian horror movies. The Jumper wasn't as I expected it to be. I thought the movie was going to be awesome, but turns out it's just decent.

Trailers are the minions of evil, my friend. They are brainwashing you! Actually no, trailers are fun and adrenaline-rushing. At least with trailers you'll know what upcoming movies are there, and there is something that keeps you excited. Just be sure that you don't become obsessed and forget about everything else, ok? And watch out for crappy trailers.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Scope of Channel Providers

"Don't work harder, work smarter" is what I could say to all us for the upcoming exams...

Anyways... Donny's spirit for badminton is ignited by the biannual Thomas and Uber Cup, and he is neglecting all of his school works!! (except for this blog, since it is pertaining to badminton)

The badminton spirit within Indonesians is on its climax. Numerous people from different ages are excited. These include me and my friends who watch the Thomas Cup in a teacher's room during lunch time and study period! However, when I go home and decided to watch the rest of the match, there are not any tournaments. It is not because the tournament have finished already or suddenly got canceled, but because of my provider.

I use Kabelvision for my TV provider, and it gives me many channels - national and international - with a clean vision. Not to mention that it is cheap and we can access the upcoming schedule for every channels. Such facilities can also be found in other providers such as Indovision and Astro. However, it is surprising to know that these providers are unable to broadcast live shows that is held in several Indonesia channels. For example, the Thomas and Uber Cup are held in Trans TV and Trans 7 at one and six o'clock. If we watch these channels during those time through normal TV antenna, we can watch the competition. But during the same time, if we watch the channels through providers, we will only watch a black screen with background musics. Yet, the schedule on the provider indicates that the competition happening right now. What makes these providers take such actions?

Maybe the providers does not have the agreement from the TV channels to broadcast the events, or they have to pay more to do that. Thus, the providers decided not to broadcast it at all. Another reason maybe because these providers does not feel that the broadcast is important. Note that such providers are often use by expatriate denizens, who does not have the same badminton spirit like most of the islanders. They are assuming that even if they broadcast the competition, majority of users will still watch other channels like Star World, MTV, Disney Channel, etc. It is a business strategy and and economic decision.

Even with those purposes, providers (especially ones who are owned by Indonesians) should realize that many Indonesians would be disillusioned. I, for example, lived in Lippo Karawaci where Kabelvision is offered since the day I moved here. Because I am not using normal antenna, I cannot watch the tournament at home unless I buy an antenna. Even with antenna, the screen quality is less clear than providers'. It is just sad how business sometimes makes people too blinded with money, that it forget the happiness of its fellow citizens.

this article does consist of a bias perception since I'm a badminton lover. But this issue is often argued by many people, especially during sports seasons. I hope that providers will consider this blog, and use it to improve the customer satisfaction. :)

[just a short response to Dante's post]

I'm also concerned about the axis issue. Me and my bus-mates discussed about this earlier, and we come to a conclusion that this is just a business strategy.

It is possible that this fanatical gossip is a "sabotage" from other national cellphone operator. With the chain text-messages regarding the issue which threatens people's live, the operators like Telkomsel and Mentari will get more income through it. Keep in mind that with this issue, the text-message senders are mostly from non-axis users.

Users of "axis" who believe in such myth will decline dramatically; decreasing its demand and forcing the operator to quit from Indonesia's market for cellphone operator. This might also a predatory strategy to kick foreign newcomers.

All of this are just opinions, and are not meant to be taken seriously or offensively. Thanks

Sunday, May 11, 2008

DaNte's Post

DaNte's Post

Hoam... another week passed, and we are getting closer to the exams. So we better prepare ourselves and STUDY LIKE A POSSESSED MAN FROM NOW!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHA

The Axis of Evil

What strikes your mind when you read this title? Russia? World War 2? The Allied? Well, this 'Axis' is not about World War 2 or the like. This 'Axis' I'm talking about is the recent cellular phone operator in Indonesia. I am pretty sure you all know what I mean by 'The Axis of Evil', right? I think everyone got the sms... The stupid sms... I don't know who started the sms but it is certainly stupid to jump into a conclusion that 'Axis' is a satanic and brainwashing product when it just came into Indonesia's market.

The advertisement of Axis with the repeated number of '6' makes it egregious for promoting the number of the devil. I guess not all big scale advertisements really promote their products well yeah?

However, is it really true that 'Axis' is actually satanic and they are scheming an evil and diabolic plan? The number '6' that they continuously use could be a sign of evil. Not to be racist or anything, but their country of origin is Arab, where most of the population is Muslim. The advertisements are very large in scale as well. I saw the advertisement took a whole page in the newspaper. But nevertheless I don't think people should really be afraid of the product and spread such ridiculous rumors.

But the rumors are not actually an entirely bad thing at all! I mean, this could make us more caution about what the media is trying to tell us right? By giving such fearsome rumors people will be more aware of what the advertisement offers and they are less likely to fall into the sweet euphemistic yet deceptive messages of media.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Of Sausages and Advertisements

I don’t watch television often – in fact, I think I can count the number of times I’ve sat in front of the TV per annum. However, sometimes I’d catch a glimpse of what my other family members are watching. This evening, as I was having a snack in the kitchen, I saw one of the advertisements on TV. It was an Indonesian advertisement that was trying to promote sausages. It was decent enough, until it came to the company’s jingle. I didn’t remember how it went precisely, but I can assure you the tune was very cheesy and the lyrics were, well, ridiculous! In a nutshell, the singers in the advertisement were singing how awesome and nutritious the sausages are. And yes, they used the word ‘nutritious’ in Indonesian.

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Sausages? Nutritious? How absurd! They comprised of the excess meat of pigs and cows and chickens that the meat companies couldn’t sell directly to the consumers! The sausages can very well contain the snouts and the disgusting what not of those animals that have been butchered into pieces! In addition, sausages contain this red dye that can be toxic to our bodies when consumed in a large amount. So are sausages healthy? I think not!

Now don’t get me wrong, I love sausages! Despite knowing their origins and how they’re made (an episode of The Simple Life covers this process!) I still eat them anyways. But even so, I wouldn’t consider sausages as ‘nutritious’ at all. I can’t believe the sausage company had the nerve to promote sausages as healthy; I know it’s technically legal – especially in Indonesia – but imagine the reaction of the not-so-educated people who have watched this advertisement. I’m afraid they’re going to believe the company’s incorrect jingle. I know I’m probably making a big deal about the whole sausage promotion, but I know that every other company is also implementing false advertising or censoring what the consumers should be informed with. As a result, the society continues to be unaware, ignorant, and well, na├»ve of the consequences that they might reap from buying those products. And that is dangerous.

What Was Then and Now

Have you ever wondered the amount of movies and advertisements that you’ve seen in your life? Countless, I’m sure. An American youngster would watch TV at an average rate of four hours per day - let alone SPH students who could go to the nearest pirated dvd store and purchase tens of movies for an unbelievably cheap price. Over the years, I’ve realized that all the chick flicks, thrillers, musicals, comedies, action and horror movies that I’ve watched as well as the advertisements that I’ve seen on highway billboards and magazines have shaped my mindset in such an inconspicuous – and dangerous – manner.

I remember that I was in third grade when ‘Sex and the City’ first aired on HBO. I never stayed up late enough to watch the show, but I remember how I was so horrified at the name, even though I didn’t even know what ‘sex’ was back then. During those years, I felt that it was inappropriate for movies to show sensual activities – even a mere kiss on the lips! In addition, I’d cringe at the slightest profanity and condemn all violent actions as ‘inconceivable’!

…How I’ve changed over the years. Now I spend my weekends watching television shows such as Desperate Housewives, the O.C, Gossip Girl, and Cashmere Mafia, all those which are filled with endless sensuality, implied sexual activities, profanity, violence (kind of). Many times I’d watch a movie that is not supposed to be shown within my age range. For instance, a couple of months ago I watched the Atonement. Although I really think the movie is amazing – the casts, script, cinematography, and background music – the movie is actually R rated due to sexual references. Do I think some of the scenes are inappropriate? Well yes. But did it stop me from watching the rest of the movie? Not at all. Furthermore, I actually do not mind when people curse around me – it slowly integrated to what I deem as normal and appropriate.

It’s unfortunate, I know. However, I’m still wondering whether one should abolish all means of media. I think the viewers ultimately have the power to control the negative influences of media on their lives. But I also know from personal experience that tv shows, movies, and advertisements are hard to resist. Thus, even though the best course of action would be to eliminate the kinds of media that we know would contaminate our minds, this would lead to ineffectiveness. Besides, it’s hard to cut off every single media whilst living in such an image driven world. Eh. I’m confused.

(Forgive me for writing such a dull post.)


DaNte's Post

DaNte's Post

I KNEW IT! Sooner or later someone is going to write a blog about the stupendous and epic IRON MAN!!! YEAH! GO IRON MAN! I think it's the best superhero movie I've ever seen. Or probably it is just how they visualize the creation and assembly of the iconic red and yellow metallic armor. I was going to write something about Iron Man, but I had to abandon that idea thanks to Jesse. Nevertheless, I'd like to write something that was related to Iron Man, in a way. It's about an advertisement of an Indonesian horror movie (we all know in this case it wouldn't exactly be a horror movie at all) before the movie started.

Three high school students sneaked through the school corridors, with one of them holding a video camera. They stood upon the threshold of the biology lab, and in the distance there is an old, filthy and mysterious school cleaner watching them closely. The students opened the door, and it turns out it was a birthday surprise for one of the students. The old man, however, stared at them with a cold and malicious look on his face.

Hours later the principal found out about the birthday surprise and summoned the three students who sneaked into the school late at night. The principal was infuriated and scolded the trio. It was unclear who gave the video camera to the principal and why he was uncontrollably irate. The trio pretended to be oblivious about the video camera, and they swore that they don't know anything about the whole birthday surprise. Suddenly, one of them said "Sumpah pocong pak!" which means they swore to the 'pocong' ghost. The lights went off for a while, and the principal was appalled in silence. The trio walked out of the corridor, and once again the lights in the corridor dimmed and faded. The trio ran up to the stairs, and on end of the corridor the old man once again stared with an intimidating stare on his emotionless face.

This is when the horror movie advertisement crumbles. Suddenly a girl with red dress appears and asking the audience if they are interested with the story. Unexpectedly, the setting changes into a movie cinema, where the girl appears in a casual clothing. The woman started advertising a new system the cinema had implemented. Advertising a lame horror movie is still fine, but to elongate it with a completely different product is outrageous. Not only the advertisement has no relation whatsoever, the latter advertisement is even longer than the former. At the end of the advertisement, the old mysterious man seen on the previous advertisement appears and says "Nonton filmnya!" with the girl supporting his statement.

This is a pathetic advertisement. It doesn't conjure any image of an epic horror movie that will strike fear in the hearts of the audience. First, the horror movie doesn't even make sense and doesn't look intimidating at all. Second, the latter advertisement ruins the whole image of the horror movie and it doesn't even relate to a horror movie. This kind of advertisement depicts the degradation of media. Advertisement is everywhere. It is displayed anywhere even in the inappropriate place and time. The purpose of advertisement is no longer to educate and inform its audience, but to brainwash and define concepts and terms for society.

The Vision of Reality

Let us not forget another form of media, the proof of humans' creativity, called novels.
A written literature which consists of nicely put words and touching lessons
Who says that only Western literature can create a huge impact to this Earth?
I, as an Indonesian, proudly present an Indonesian novel that touches the heart of many...
Chapter 2:
Laksar Pelangi (Rainbow's Army)
- a novel that motivates and makes you feel sinful if you don't appreciate life.

We are might be bored with novels about friendship where controversies arise and ceases in the end. Although it might be endearing, such works does not truly open our eyes to the friendship circle we lived in. Let say that they are utterly fictional.

Laksar Pelangi, however, tells us about the life of 11 students (classmates) from unfortunate backgrounds who study at a provincial school. Written in the pages are their relentless journey to search for knowledge and dreams. What makes this book special is the fact that the story is based on a true story of the author itself! Some people might grasp it incredulously because the event is too tragic or too fictional to be true.

Lintang, one of the student, never skip a day of school even though he must bike for 40km to go to school everyday. He still comes even when all they did at school is singing a song for a festival. When he went home (another 40km) he help his dad as a human labor and can only study, using an oil lamp, when everyone have slept. Yet, he realizes that he is a natural genius; an Einstein and Archimedes who lived in a unfortunate village. Even in one scene, he dares to rebut a scientific analysis of a PhD Physician. This character truly amazes me. His intelligence has opened his friends' eyes and see that they can have a dream about their future, instead of continuing their dads' path as labors.

Mahar, another student, is gifted in arts. His creative mind has make their school to achieve the 1st place during an Independence Day competition. And the materials used are not festive either. His scatter-brained persona and vivid imaginations had once lead him to believe in paranormal activities, which sometimes provide some scientific proof on some myths - a somewhat myth-busters. Readers will be surprised with how these poor students can change the society where they lived in, the society of Bangka Belitong (a town in Sumatra)

Aside from these two are other students with unique, yet not as significant as Mahar and Lintang. Altogether, with their different dreams and ambitions, they build up a tight pact and make every events in their life meaningful and memorable.

This first book of the tetralogy is narrated by the author himself, one of the 11 students. Although he seems very insignificant throughout the story, readers should realize that every single detail is sophisticatedly described and the flow of words is just....amazing. When reading this novel, readers will feel as if they see the scenes with their own eyes. Maybe it seems like an exaggeration, but it is true.

I honestly cannot say much about the details, since every single pages consists of sentences you don't want to be spoiled with. As the back of the book says: this book is dedicated to those who believe in the magic of childhood and to those who trust a miraculous door that can change the future, known as education.

This book has been commented and praised by Indonesian well known authors, as well as other public figures. They keep on stating how this book is full of emotions and originality. The author is even invited to Kick Andy (Indonesia's Oprah) and is reunited with the characters in the book - his teacher and friends.

All of us will witness the ironic life of these students. Who would expect that their future is not as it is expected as what they have shown during their school life? It may seem bitter to be told about, but it truly is...a vision of reality. Yet, when everything goes wrong, friends will always be there to help us with our dilemma!

This is why, high school is the best period of our life! savor them... *cheers*

-it seems that this novel is going to be filmed too! -

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Idolized Superhero with Wicked Computer Effects

“Idolized Superhero with Wicked Computer Effects” 02-05-08

There is for all time a superhero within us that we admire as a child since our eyes have set upon one of the media. May it be actual people such as a hardworking father, a loving mother, your mathematics teacher, or people in the past who have contributed to society in the past such as the wise Confucious, Isaac Newton (Father of Modern Physics) and many others, or the typical fictional superhero that media has greatly enhanced in making it such a realistic figure such as Spider-Man.

I, myself have been endowed and inspired by many characters that might and most probably did shape me to the person I am presently. I revere my mathematics teacher, Thomas Wiryanto, who have such a great influence in teaching and telling me how we should deal with life (an of course the mathematics side of it), I adore John von Neumann (1903-1957) a mathematician who is illustrious for his contribution of the ‘Game Theory’ (theory of life expressed into mathematics – well, he tried, and was very much complex) and from the fictional perspective, I idolize the recent big hit in the blockbusters, Ironman.

Marvel Productions have yet again generated a realistic interpretation of a mere comic strip through the use of high technological media. Other productions include the X-Men Trilogy, Spider-Man Trilogy (soon to be Quadrilogy) the Hulk, and many more Marvel characters. Ironman is currently the latest production with the remake of Incredible Hulk on its way.

Ironman, like any other Marvel superheroes, concerns with the story of how one became a hero. Protagonist Tony Stark was renowned to be the owner of Stark Industries, producers of the best, most hi-tech weaponries a country can ask for. The story started with him being captured by “terrorists” and was forced to build a weapon. He was astounded after his traumatic experience in Gulmira, Afghanistan that the weapons he produced are bought to kill people and sadly, Americans. Determined to change the principle of his industries through his moral consciousness, he stopped the company’s production, isolated himself into creating something to destroy all his weapons manufactured. His greatest challenge was to face what he created falling into the wrong hands.

As an entirety, the movie is filled with wicked computer effects that rendered within the scenes and has captured many audiences into being enthralled by such high technology. One of the accomplishments is due to the protagonist itself which was described to be this hi-tech geek graduated from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a billionaire that has helped made the storyline flow as if he was the genius in making such technology.

One of the scenes that strike my with amazement was the part where he created his “heart” through the use of scientific ingeniousness by injecting his nervous system with a modified techno-organic virus to save his own life and thus his circular light in his chest that is said to generate 3 gigawatts of energy to prolong his dying body. (A lightning alone is approximately 1.21 gigawatts). If anyone could build that right this moment in time, they can be billionaires like Tony Stark himself for global energy resources are dilapidating.

There are several reasons why I idolize Ironman. One of the fact is that he is a billionaire (that is a lot of money, everyone wants to be wealthy), he graduated from an Ivy League MIT with magna cum laude and that he is not one of those superheroes who has naturally gained “superpowers” such as Spiderman, yet he is a self-made superhero. *Yes I know, all the descriptions in the last paragraph are realistic fiction, but nonetheless, I don’t mind idolizing fictional characters, everyone does that*

There are hints that the movie showed to insinuate a sequel to this wicked geeky movie. The fact that in the Marvel comics, James Rhodes (the Air Force Military partner) will become WarMachine due to Tony Stark’s declining lifestyle of both financially and biologically, there was this particular scene where Rhodes in the movie almost took the Mark I armor, second prototype of Ironman but specifically said, “Maybe next time, baby”

It’s a must-watch movie especially to all those physics, chemistry and biology geeks and those who especially adore outstanding computer effects that has enhanced media to the next level.

Thus, Tuesday’s Saturday with Jesse – What Would Jessica Do?

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Media: Something Everything Is...

“Media: Something Everything Is…” 27-04-08

As they say that the definition and meanings of certain vocabularies change through time, the understanding of the word media on present day has also been slightly converted. Taking back to the early twentieth century, media is known to be the plural form of medium where medium means something. To elaborate on the vagueness of a medium, it is basically an object which is generated from ideas or information. As medium is considered to be single information, media is considered to be massive information. With this axiom deliberated, we can assume that everything around us is basically media, and in this reality, it is.

The forms of media has not just changed within time but has also grown and become miscellaneous in making the world smaller and smaller. From the times of which information was passed down through teachings and Chinese whispers, became more creative through the use of engraving in stone tablets and scrolls, a few decades later evolved into newspapers and in today’s world, we can see that information has been vastly portrayed through computers, books, television, radio and even handphones. We are constantly viewing some things (taking it back from its actual definition) and media is not just news or advertisement (people are usually mistaken in this) but anything that encompass information or ideas of any kind. Thus, even children’s books and movies are media, textbooks are media and taking the definition to the extreme, even the calendar should be a media.

It is not peculiar in knowing that media has such a great affect upon viewers, knowing that media surrounds us all the time. One of the most reckoned media, advertisement has been notorious in depreciating society’s morality and ethics, plays a huge role on media in even bluffing consumers to buy products. But we are obligated in these things that the world surrounds us with; lies, deception and trickery’s in the manipulation of information.

To close the introduction of media, I would just like to say not to consider those remarks made by people through products and such; know that everything is advertised and that everyone is constantly giving information in all sorts of ways to convince such that our minds are molded into it. Beware; our study of media is to look at things not just from what it is showing but from what it is not showing and abstractly, the hidden messages.

*Aside from a brief history and explanation of the actually entity a media is, the next few blogs would be analysis of different medias, responses and hopefully, see the hidden side of everything.

“The medium is the message.”

Marshall McLuhan (1911 - 1980), "Understanding Media", 1964

“The biases the media has are much bigger than conservative or liberal. They're about getting ratings, about making money, about doing stories that are easy to cover.”

Al Franken, "Lies and the Lying Liars who Tell Them", 2003

Thus, Tuesday’s Sunday with Jesse – What Would Jessica Do?

When Two Chinese Action Actors Collaborate...

It has been a long time since I have blogged here...

I have returned and starting from now I will bring to you synopsis of the media world around us!!

Chapter 1: Forbidden Kingdom - the path is unsafe, the place is unknown, the journey is unbelievable

Through the Drunken Master tetralogy and The One we have recognized the adroit martial artist who is short, yet swift - Jet Li. And through Police Story trilogy, Medallion, and Rush Hour we have witness the humorous and robust Jackie Chan, who is well known for its non-stunt man actions. Those two have their own debut which lead them to fame and glory, but have you ever seen them act together? The Forbidden Kingdom gives you the answer!

The Forbidden Kingdom
is about Jason Tripitikas, a kungfu-obsessed American teen who embarked a journey to China. With the help of martial artists warriors (Jackie Chan) he is on a mission to emancipate the Monkey King (Jet Li). Throughout the journey, Jason learns that kungfu is not as epic as it is described in comic books nor video games.

As a whole, this movie imbues perfection in terms of story line and visualization of scenes. This is because the setting has captured the audience's attention and brought them to a typical yet thrilling world of kungfu. Such achievement is also supported with the choice of casts and their position within the storyline. Jackie Chan gives the humorous ambiance along with his symbolical martial art style - a drunken master. Jet Li provides the exhilaration of action movies with his originality of kungfu. It is enjoyable to see how Jackie Chan's carefree attitude collides with Jet Li's serious nature. Not only they create a must-watch fighting scenes and humor, but there are times when they send a word of wisdom to the audience - typical Chinese movies.

However, the portrayal of a perfect Chinese action movie is disillusioning, to some people, because of a Western cast as the main character. Jason Tripitikas, played by Michael Angarano (Sky High), caused the story to mostly revolve around his naiveness; resulting a minimized action scenes. However, other viewers might see this as a reminiscences of old American martial art movies due to his facial resemblance to past's actors. It's all about perspective.

Rumor had said that Jackie Chen was first displeased with the script. Maybe it is because the storyline is distorted by Western movie cultures.

The fact that it is make to be watched by everyone caused the nonexistence of gore killing scenes. Yet, several swear words are said, possibly to give the antagonistic feeling. The Forbidden Kingdom labeled as PG-13.

The type of jokes in this movie are classic Jackie Chan jokes: twisting other character's sentences and playing around with his enemy during battles. Jet Li also displays his wittiness as the Monkey King. The funniest scene in this movie, for me, is when Jackie Chen tries to summon rain but what sprinkles him is not rain but Jet Li's urine :)

"Jason Tripitikas: He needs wine. It's his elixir.
Medicine Monk: We will send a walking monk.
Lu Yan (Jackie Chan): Can't you send a running monk?

Although this movie possesses a Western movie cliche, it did not hide the amazing collaboration of Jackie Chan and Jet Li but make the most out of it instead. What is disappointing is the cut (or badly edited) scenes. The anti-climax is also very brief and cliche as well. But nonetheless, it is a recommendable movie to those Jackie Chan and Jet Li lovers. But don't set a high expectation when watching it! I would rate this movie 8 / 10...