Sunday, February 17, 2008

A Spectacular Weekend: Nervousness, Smile, Tears - [The 18th Blog]

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Ah, procrastination is in the air. It has been weeks since I haven't posted any blog and without realizing it, it's another weekend.

Life is sad when our hopes are absorbed away by our false assumption of failing. This is suffered by me for years and it keeps haunting me forevermore~ *random*

Anyhow, this week has been a relaxing week. This year's Valentine's Day is an okay one; I am still single and I am proud of it! Looting chocolate from friends was worth savored for. Last Friday I went to this Indonesian event regarding an appreciation towards Indonesian most beloved poet: Sapardi Djoko Damono. It was awesome! I get the chance to meet and take pictures with him! *but I blinked in the picture, sigh* The show started at eight, but I arrived at home at two in the morning, since Gary and Karina kidnapped me to go to eX at midnight to eat dinner. As i entered my room I, literally, fainted on my bed until morning.

Six hours later, I went to badminton practice as usual. I received my badminton uniform with my name envisaged on its back. Juan misprinted Jesse's name and when he gave it too Jesse, the name on the back is spelled "Yesse" instead. Juan felt really bad for it and we all laugh. It was hilarious.

During the practice, however, Pak Mikoyan (our coach) announced to us that I will participate in this BBS cup tournament next Friday. I was happy about it since I really need to train my mental (extreme field fright). The thing is, I was playing doubles with my best friend and it's gonna be a nightmare! We haven't practiced together for ages! It makes me panic even until now.

Kicking away those stressfulness, I went to Supermall with Vania to fix our rackets and to loiter around for a short amount of time. Just as I went home, Karina sms-ed me and asked me to the mall to have a movie-marathon, and she's on her way to me house. It was so sudden, I immediately took the quickest shower I ever had. The movie-marathon was worthed though. We watched "Jumper" and this Indonesian movie entitled "Love."

Jumper was great, the second half of the movie was full of suspense. The scene where the main character jumped, with an annoying character to the top of Sphinx and leave him, was entertaining. The movie also makes me imagine what would I do if I have that power (Karina wants to rob LV hehe). This is a must watched movie people! I will not write the summary of this movie since it might spoil the plot. Besides, I am going to write a lot about the Indonesian movie.

Love is a very dramatic movie. Why? Because it made Karina cried and made me almost cried. Although I think this movie was inspired from various love movies such as 50 First Dates and A Walk to Remember, the playwright endows a contribution that makes this movie high quality and doesn't look plagiarized (usually, Indonesia plagiarized movie look suck). Just a summary, this movie talks about five couples with different love background, and how their love is depicted through their worst time and controversies (or should I say tragic?). The different love backgrounds are: having different wealth status, a deadly illness, Alzheimer disease, affair, and been betrayed. Love will find a way in them, even though not all true love ends happily ever after. What I adored from this movie is the way they shoot it. These five couples are connected somehow even though they don't know each other (I don't know how to explain verbally, that is why you should watch it in order to get what I mean). The reason why I recommend you to watch it is not because of the plot alone, but because of the casts as well. All the casts in this movie are well-known and experienced Indonesian actors and actresses; some of them even considered as legends. For those Indonesian who read this blog, these casts are: Luna Maya, Darius, Acha, Irwansyah, Wulan Guritno, etc. Oh yeah, the soundtrack and background songs are arranged by Erwin Gutawa as well! I am so going to buy the DVD when it's released! This is the best Indonesian movie so far! Hopefully, this movie marks the beginning of the rise of Indonesia's filming agencies.

I love this weekend.

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