Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Scrabble-philic [The 16th blog]

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Life sure changes as time passes by. So does thoughts about things. I once was a boy who despise scrabble whenever my cousin took it down from his wardrobe. Without any practical proof, I tagged that game as a boring game where you only put words on a table - I was only six back then though. I saved this thought and lived with it until the day where we had our awesome retreat in the grandeur place ever!

During the free time before the curfew on our first night my friends and I played this card game called king of pigs, where whoever loses for three times must fulfill an inevitable dare from other players. It was hilarious: Mr. Owen lost and the girls told him to kiss Mr. Eric, and he did it! on the cheek! Mr. Eric suddenly stunned, and his face blushed - I am pretty sure he had sudden trauma. It was funny though. After playing it, I heard this tumult on a small round table. I went there and saw Miss Christine, Gary, Swedian, and Steph T playing speed scrabble - it was an intense game. I helped Swedian with his tiles and I found it was quite fun. So I joined them and we have five-men speed scrabble, and guess what? I won in my first game with just short and simple words. I guess that's what I called beginner's luck. We kept playing and even though I lose, turns out that A2 HL have the most win - 6 to 1 I think. (yay us!).

Ever since that night, my opinion about scrabble changes 180 degrees. Fortunately, there is a scrabble pandemic which attacks most of the grade eleven. We played anywhere and anytime: study periods, Mrs Judy's class, and even the hallway! Recently, we even played in the dance room that is connected with the fitness room. During workout intervals, the boys will go and play a quick speed scrabble. I slowly understand about the rules and the applicable two-letter words (can't believe that AA is a word), and I think I began to win more frequent now. Oh! this scrabble fever is actually a prelude of english-games revolution in grade eleven. Other games such as Taboo, and general knowledge game stuff began to be repopularize within our society. They got a laudable response from us.

I must admit that I love word games (Bookword, Text Twist, etc) since I was in grade nine, but I have never been addicted to it just I like I have been addicted to scrabble! I kept pulling people to play scrabble together and I even downloaded the software - very embarrassing and geeky-like. Just recently, Swedian and me also make a proposal for assembling a Scrabble Club. It got approved. It was just a silly joke we had during class, but it becomes an silly idea that works. This addiction makes me want to buy Scrabble but the Kids Station in Supermall only sell the Deluxe one, which is very expensive. I was planning to buy the Junior Scrabble, but I think the word tiles are very minimum. In the end, I will have to be patient to find the original one.

I would like too talk more about Scrabble, but I think people will puke at this entry if I do so. So, I shall end this blog by saying: I love Scrabble!!

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