Sunday, April 27, 2008

DaNte's Post - the newest!

DaNte's Post

Hey everyone! DaNte's posts are back! Yeah! Aren't you guys happy? So anyway, since it is a new term in the wonderful world of IB, there will be a new topic as well. We are currently studying about media and its dreadful effects to the society! Bad bad advertisements. However media is not only about advertisements. Turns out it is about movies and TV shows as well! The blog topic for this term is commenting about the medias that we are engaged with recently. Hence, we will be talking about movies, advertisements, TV shows and many more. Us prodigious Miss Jessica's A2 English HL class will show you the true power and the heinous purposes and meanings of the MEDIA!!! *dum dum dum*


A few weeks ago (when I was still in my prime condition. No spots or poxes) when I was on the way home, I saw an advertisement on a huge billboard in front of me. The advertisement was, not surprisingly, a cigarette advertisement. The brand for that particular cigarette was Star Mild, the one where they always question you with "What's your obsession?". The advertisement I witnessed was a newer product of the Star Mild cigarette. It portrays a picture of a man pushing away another man (who is in the advertisement of the previous Star Mild product) to the edge. On the advertisement were inscribed "Lebih Punya Taste! Lebih Terobsesi!" which means: "More Taste! More Obsessed!". On the left corner, in tiny words, were inscribed the hazards of smoking.

This is absurd. Really. This is absurdly preposterous. I mean, what the hell?! "More Taste, More Obsessed"? What kind of fricking advertisement was that! Well, it is like saying: This cigarette is tastier than the others, you'll get more addicted with this! The advertisement has a subliminal message of making people addicted more to smoke by instilling the word 'obsessed' in their minds. Star Mild is probably insane. Looking at other cigarette ads, I haven't seen one who tells the audience to get addicted to cigarette, or maybe they didn't say it blatantly. Luckily, children may not understand this message clearly. But for bright and astute teenagers such as me, it might have an impact on our lifestyle. We might think: cigarette - obsession - addiction - trend - cool. This is really devastating. Imagine the increasing number of smoking-addicted teenagers if they think this way. So be very careful when seeing these cigarette ads.

Do not succumb into the temptation to be 'cool' or 'trendy' by smoking. It is bad, my friends. There are unwanted health consequences by smoking, so you mustn't fall for the euphemistic language of advertisement. They are just covering the hazards of smoking! Beware of the evils of advertisement. They are liars! WASPADA! WASPADA! (Beware! Beware!)

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