Friday, August 24, 2007

The Bright Beginning


Unexpectedly, this blog is created when IB has managed its way to blend with the teenager demands.Who's the teenager? Us of course!!

The five of us are uniting as one jubilant team a
nd will have our fingers "worked out" just to produce the hottest and coolest daily news ever. These news can be either from our personal experience or factual occurrences.

Assortment of emotions will be poured down in every pieces of our blog entries: happiness,
exhilaration, love, hope and many more.

Unpleasant emotions such as awe, depre
ssion, hopelessness and remorse might also appeared occasionally. Yet, their presence is for all of us to be aware to the bitterest truths of life that can befall upon anyone at any condition.'s better to shout out our problems rather than keep it to our heart and have miserable days.

Through this blog, we hope that all of you (especially the IB students) can still be up to date even with all the innumerable assignments that we have. (hopefully, it can decrease the suicidal rate of IB students)

"Let's make this lugubrious life into a rowdy rapture!!"

P.S what would Miss Jessica do when she sees this?
only time will tell hahaha

Yours truly...

Agnes, Edward, Jesse, Dita, Donny

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