Friday, August 31, 2007

Fridays with DaNte

Fridays with DaNte!

Introduction to my Posts

Hello everyone! Today is Friday, which stipulates its my time to write the blog posts! Even though this is a petulance, it's mandatory for us A2 HL English IB Students (I'm kidding Ms. Jess!). Without further dilatory, I would like to introduce you what my blog posts would be like.

First of all... I would post: Erratic Picture of the Day, Auspicious Quotes, Word of the Day,the Core Topic of the post which can be anything! and lastly, let's end the day with Joke of the Day!

So, lets begin Fridays with DaNte!

Erratic Picture of the Day:

Oh my guthness! Could it be??!!

Auspicious Quotes:

"It is better to die on your feet than live on your knees."

Emiliano Zapata

Hey... this is a pretty inspirational quote.

Word of the Day

Learn something new everyday you lazy unproductive creatures!

Egregious: Conspicuously and outrageously bad or reprehensible

Quoted from

Yay! Finally, the Core Topic!!!

Today's topic is...

"Life. Fair or Unfair?"

It's almost 11.00 PM and I just got home from the Internet cafe after playing for around 2 and a half hour. I've been thinking what to write in the blog. My brain cogitated the whole day in search for a captivating topic (or should I say, an ORGASTIC TOPIC?!). So... after having a flurry of perspicacity, I felt like writing something worth to contemplate. I wanted to write about the FAIR and UNFAIRNESS of LIFE. So lets begin!

I am pretty sure some of you all have thought about this a couple of times. You are trying to fathom something that, to me, is steadfast. Fair or Unfairness of life are judged by our own paradigm, depending on what or who we compare ours with. Let me give you an example.

I have been in the basketball team for 4 years, including this year. I've came to all practices, I obeyed the coach's commands and training tips and I always give my best in practices (well, most of the times). The coach always say to the team that he doesn't need any STARS, only people with commitment, dedication and hard work. Unfortunately, that's not the whole truth. What really happens is the coach always favors the versatile and aptitude players. When I was grade 8, there was a very proficient basketball player who was ALWAYS played in EVERY single game, no matter what. Even though we changed coach, but that's what really happens. Players who got the skills and moves will always hold the ball. I, on the other hand, played adequately and became a docile part of the team. However, I only succeeded playing for the second team, even though I had put a lot of effort to strive for the varsity team. I think I have put more effort than anyone else in the team. I think I have put more time than anyone else in the team. However, it is not I who rate my efforts.

I take that as an act of unfairness. There are lots of other examples in my life that unfairness exists in this imperfect world. However, in every gray cloud there's a silver lining. Hey, at least I made it into the junior varsity starter. In reminiscent of my past performances, I have shown a significant improvement from the past 3 years. I guess my efforts aren't hard and passionate enough. If I think it over, it might be a bit fair.

A very prominent example is why is there poor people and rich people? Why can't everyone be the same and live equally?

We should remember that we all have a raison d'etre. A reason of existing. Each and everyone of us have our own role to commit in this life. Poor people are there so we can look at them and say "I am one lucky $#(@)*($!" (whatever that word is, you decide). Rich people exist so poor people can be helped by them.

If so, then why does my efforts have gone into oblivion? It didn't. I should think that each of us are specifically talented in varied aspects. When we fail something, it doesn't mean that they're a better person than us. They're just better in that aspect than us, and we have something better than they do. Us human being are imperfect, especially with our voracious thirst for something more. We always want something more than what we have in possesion. We always aim for the stars and always think "Why do they get to be the star? Why can't I be one?" without an ephemeral thought of "I've reached the sky, I will aim for the stars, but I am also thankful that I'm given a chance here, and I should also help the one in the ground to get up to the sky". Think about what you have now, and who you are. You should know that almost half of the world live with only 20,000 rupiah a day. You should know that more than 30% children in the world suffered poverty and live in the most destitute parts of the world.

If someone surpassed you in something, you should strive harder and surpass them as a counteract. If someone is behind you, help them to get to your position. If someone has something more than you, look deeply into your eyes and think that I am not less better person, I can contend with him/her and I am competent. Just like what Jesse had posted, it doesn't matter if your a prodigy or not. Hard workers have the potential to surpass the prodigies.

Let us look at this life at a whole different perspective. We should see less privileged people or people behind us, and say: "I am lucky". When you see someone beat you, you say "They're just lucky this time. I will surpass them someday." And when your heart and mind say "Life isn't fair", say to yourself "Life is fair. My time has just not come yet."



Yo momma so ugly just after she was born, her mother said, "What a treasure!" and her father said, "Yes, let's go bury it."

That is the introduction of my post! Please read it and give comments. I hope that this will bring inspiration to you and it will be stuck in your brain! Yeah! Remember to read my blog entry Friday next week! Have a good weekend!

Written By: DaNte

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