Tuesday, August 28, 2007

"Natural Genius or Meticulous Hard Work?"

Tuesdays with Jesse

“Natural Genius or Meticulous Hard work?”

Achieving high rankings have been the desires of anyone especially since they dwell in a contemporary competitive world. This obligation has been known to be another core to individuals whom in which wonder why there are such injustices in the world. To elaborate, ever wondered how some people are able to flawlessly ace mathematics test, obtaining such perfect score without any requirement or effort of studying? Yet there are also people whom studies with immense effort, passing through their limits and yet could only achieve little less than perfect? This discussion does not specifically relate towards mathematics or other forms of academic education, however, it is as well implied towards sports activities, games, music; basically anything anyone are able to perform or accomplish. These two different types of people are subcategorized into mainly two aspects: Genius and Hardwork. Thus, through these two aspects, their whole entity differs with each other.

Natural geniuses tend to be very much unwilling and lazy because they do not require studies or practices at all. They are less motivated in terms of doing the specified accomplishment because they are just able to carry out without the willingness and motivation to actually accomplish. Though some geniuses tend to take pride and can be quite arrogant (especially those who think highly of themselves in knowing that others just cannot match), there are still others whom are willing to help others to raise and improve them and probably find a competition to go against.

Hard works are basically those who are full of initiative, encompass colossal enthusiasm and bestow limitless effort in the things they do. They have always willed to achieve improvement, even as minimal to the margin as possible. Thus with sufficient hard work, they do achieve that improvement. Their circle of accomplishments surrounds this fixation called ‘hard work’ and that ‘hard work’ has contained gigantic amounts of work (or joules in physics terms; as to units of work). With going through and overcoming again and again the gigantic amounts of work, they will be adapted to that and in the long run, have no difficulty in surpassing themselves for they are used to the term ‘difficulty’. Comprehended?

For those who might be bothered with the fact that geniuses are solemnly just impossible to be surpassed, think again! Hardwork does surpass genius, especially in terms of effort. Their willingness to improve shoves them to become the spotlight in their surroundings, not to mention that for those whom are hardworking have less difficulty to improve than genius as they tends to suffer quite exponentially to improve. This is due to the fact that they rarely or even never experienced the feeling of needs to improve. Once they experience the need, it would be very complicated as they are not accustomed to that form of study and that a requirement to change into that type is a compulsion for the better; if one seeks it. Hardwork type will not be as much surprised in a situation where they would have to improve because they are accustomed to it and would most likely abide to it. Having able to surpass their limits once, then twice then continues on gives them the sensation that they will always improve.

There are some speculations in which both elements of genius and hard work exist in one individual. And yes it does! The question is, is one able to use both the same time? It might be a little complex to understand this, yet it itself cannot be found in many areas of anything as well as there is no requirements in using both elements the same time.

To end this enigmatical topic, maybe it is best to wonder which of your areas of abilities lies within the genius (and requires no effort in using this ability as others might use quite some effort in achieving a minimal standard in this ability) and which of your areas of abilities lies within the hard work.

"Success is 1% genius and 99% hard work" - Thomas Alva Edison

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What Would Jessica Do? said...

SOMEONE just told me yesterday that he don't know what to write and how to write in this blog...i wonder who...=P And yet, the blog he produced is very very very WOW !! :)

nice topic jes hahaha, u should've been like this self-guidebook author, or make your own collections of articles and sell it hahah!

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yes, i like it!

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hey2x, jes..lu salah kelas ya? nyasar??? bukannya harus ke A1????


administrator said...

"Success is 1% genius and 99% hard work" that means a hard worker still cannot surpass the genius hard worker. ha ha.

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