Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Social Politics

How to learn politics through friendship and our school society

If you happen to have an opportunity to talk with youngsters, confront them with this question, “Do you know anything about politics?” There is a very high chance that the youngsters would be blank in expression, say a phrase or two that their parents had drilled into their minds, or think you are an alien from the “geek world”. The reality is that politics are not very well known among the young generation, which includes me. When I decided to participate in the Harvard Model Congress, I thought to myself, “Am I out of my mind?!” Perhaps I was. Nevertheless, a surprising revelation enlightened inside my head as I discovered the essence of politics can be related to the way friendship and people works based on my experiences.

In this world, there are countries in which its decisions matter more in a global scale. For instance, America is inevitably taking over the world’s hegemony, at least as of this moment. Likewise, in every friendship or group of friends there is always a dominating person who seems to be more powerful than anyone else. Another prime example can be taken from the Group of Eight concept. The Group of Eight is an international forum for collaborating governments that are thought to be leading the world’s economy. These countries include Canada, France, the United States, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, and the United Kingdom. Are you aware of a certain group in your school that is dubbed as “the popular ones”? The way they treat others can elevate or crush them.

Little did they know that there are future rising powers that can thwart and overhaul them. If we look at the countries of the world, China and India are drastically and rapidly mounting up in terms of their economy. In fact, statistics declared that the growth of national income per annum from Brazil, Russia, India, and China will surpass that of United States, Japan, Germany, and the United Kingdom. Even more, by 2025, the economy of those countries will twofold the whole of G-7 (Group of Seven, due to the exclusion of Russia). Have you noticed the kids in our grade that might not be the most popular, athletic, or physically appealing yet have certain qualities that creates an outstanding distinction apart from the rest of the crowd? Like China and India, those people know how to use their unique talents and capabilities to their fullest extent and succeed many achievements in doing so.

Another striking resemblance is how each country or friend treats another. Occasionally a person or a country wants to be recognized as one of the “superpowers”. They are tired of being trampled upon, tired of being incompetent, and tired of their pathetic existence. Thus, they would politically or socially “flex their muscles”. Russia had recently been known to be “saber – rattling” – test firing ballistic missiles, flying long – range bomber patrols, redeploying its troops to other regions – in hopes to counter balance the United States and other powerful states. “Showing-off” is the term for people who are doing what Russia was doing. Bullying is also another technique that is often implemented in both political and social worlds. For instance, Russia wanted to reclaim the former Soviet Union states together. However, these former SU states such as Ukraine and Armenia wanted independence from Russia. In spiteful revenge, Russia temporarily shut down its electricity to these countries that have to endure long, merciless winters, generating a sense of fear and insecurity. Bullying in a social context is no different than such act, whether it is a physical, verbal, or emotional assault.

To conclude, there are two words to summarize the similarity of politics and friendship – never ending drama and conflict. This is due to the fact that these systems or relationships are based on human beings who in nature are filled with selfishness, arrogance, and moral debauchery. The bitter truth is, friendship can appear and vanish ever so swiftly in our lives, just like how the alliance of countries can break apart and become enemies in a few fatal decisions. All we can do is to strive and hope for the best for our society.


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