Monday, August 27, 2007

A Somber Saturday

" To wait or not to wait" that is the question that keeps revolving inside my mind for the past three days. For 2.5 years I have embraced the torture and the aggravation of this painful product of biotechnology advancement, and it is the most exulting moment to know that this torture has coming to its end! This is also the time where teenagers (like me) become hyperactive for they can breathe the sweet scent of freedom through their mouth. What is it? Of course it's the day when I took off my braces! (or should have been the day I took off my braces)

It all started in an usual "braces monthly check-up" when my doctor told me that I can took my braces off next month. After check-up, I spontaneously make a reminder in my handphone with many exclamation marks on it. At last, after counting many moons and crossing the calendar day by day, the day have finally arrived last Saturday! Yet, it was quite disappointing...

The Saturday started serendipitously: I woke up at
8 because there is no badminton practice today, but my friend and I decided to take a walk to school because we thought that the gym is still open for sports. Once we had reached the gym, it turns out that the gym was closed and so we walk back to Taman Danau Biru and went home to be ready for the doctor's appointment. At 11, my friend picked me up to the hospital (I have a transportation dillema in Jakarta). After arrived at Siloam, we wait at the hallway for approximately 45 minutes (of boredom). When it is my turn, the doctor checked my teeth and she told me to go to the radiology department to get my teeth x-rayed. What's very annoying is that I need to pay 250.000 rupiah and must wait for another 15 minutes!!! what a rip off and waste of time! This X-ray is unexpected, and I don't have enough money to pay it, so I borrow my friend's.

After getting the result by waiting for another 10 minutes, we went back to the doctor and she told me to wait for 5 minutes because she was serving other patient. During this queue, my friend have to leave because we thought that the brace removal process would be long, excluding the retainer stamping. Since my friend have a basketball tournament at 2 in Tomang, she have no choice but to go at that time; leaving me alone. When it is my turn again to enter the doctor's room, she told me that my teeth is straight enough and the b
races can be removed but some parts can still be tightened. Hearing this dilatory information, I literally shocked in front of her and decided to have my braces removed next week. The reason I did this because I have spent millions of money for this torturing thing and I'm expecting an equivalent and satisfying result. So I thought: "I have already waited for 2.5 years, waiting for another week is no big deal."

The worse part is making its reappearance again. When I want to preregistered for next week, the registration lady told me that the doctor is going to have a furlough for 2 weeks starting from next week!! Distressingly, it leaves me no option but to take off my braces after her furlough; which is days after my birthday!!! I went out the hospital grumbled and muttered, and I went home using ojek. Luck is not on my side indeed!

"My patience is being tested in a horribly way..."
" sacrifice another birthday with braces...*sob*"


What Would Jessica Do? said...

you're like using the vocab words for gatsby, haha.


What Would Jessica Do? said...

I was also shocked after I reread it. I didn't realize if I use Great Gatsby's vocabs hahahaha. The IB Instinct is contaminating my brain!! hahaha

administrator said...

wow astounding!

can't wait to see donny w/o braces.