Sunday, October 21, 2007

Agnes' Stream of Consciousness

Note: This was something I wrote a few weeks ago in Ms. Jess’ class.

I am sitting on a chair, writing aimlessly on a piece of paper with this sleek silver pen my dad bought me when he was overseas I think this ‘Stream of Consciousness’ is a pretty fascinating idea because really, I do not have to think hard about anything whatsoever and I like the idea of writing without having to think I love how Ms. Jessica’s room smell of coffee and is really cold – it makes me feel as if I’m at a foreign country like Canada, oh, I would love to go to Canada or Europe for a vacation and road trip even though Europe will be cooler due to its longer history, oh, I love how traveling makes me feel – I feel like I’m beyond the grasp of reality – free from all the hassles that I know I must go through if I stay in Indonesia which leads me to the topic of universities; I really want to go to St. Andrews University right now – a part of the attraction is perhaps due to the fact that Prince William used to attend the university but it is also because it seems very prestigious and exclusive as it is located in Scotland, and I like to imagine that it’s a place where not many people have gone to and thus I will be able to discover hidden places that no person has ever set foot across – it also reminds me of Neverland and Peter Pan, I really love the concept of not growing up and living in an idealistic realm where I can venture out and fly, fly, fly whenever I think of happy thoughts (which will happen all the time), dashing through the cool, fluffy clouds, breathing in the fresh air above the jungles and forests of Neverland, playing with dainty fairies – I know not growing means that I’m not living at all as growing up is a vital essence of life itself and if I decide to fly to Neverland (providing that it is real in the first place) I will be forever barred from the essence of life itself and I’ll become a stone which exists in the world, but quite worthless okay so now Meta is walking around the room and James is being really loud and is causing an amok and I’m getting distracted –I’m also craving for some cheese pretzels I ate in the beginning of class- Meta said something about “faggots” and I think the word is very peculiar because it rhymes with maggots, this reminds me of the Iran president who claimed that homosexuality never existed in his country while there was a homosexual couple who were executed and condemned for being who they are and how dare did the president make such claim but I do feel sorry for him because he got invited to talk at the University of Columbia in the US, only to receive ridicules and be the target of mockery even in the introduction when he was introduced to talk in front of the students and staffs I think even though he’s an aberrant to the society people should respect him considering that they were the ones who invited him to the seminar in the initial place – talk about disrespect, I hate it when people disrespects me it’s perturbing and I’m getting sleepy now I’m tired of life, I’m tired of IB I just want to flee away from all this mess but really I would be satisfied if I just get my sleep but nooo I’m going to have math tuition this after school speaking of which got me thinking about math and I really hate math okay I do not wish to speak about it anymore I think the Starbucks tumbler in front of me is really cute I also think this other guy is really cute and no, he’s not in this class but I guess I do like him but he’s probably not going to like me in return – not that I should care anyway.

Another Note: How’s THAT for a single sentence! =D

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