Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Chain Story I - Act III

The minutes approaching period two seems quite commonplace taking into account previous class of math. Eleventh graders are either seen to be very depressed and solemnly quiet, or swearing wonderful vocabularies behind the back of Mr. Ancient. In the central staircase, I saw the higher level math students being perfectly calm and cheerful as usual when suddenly, Tom McMushroom appeared from behind wailing, “Fail…fail..fail!!!” As he smashes his empty plastic bottle and one of his shoe. Both of us struggle through the staircase as we finally arrived at the jade doors of J308. Tom suddenly rushed towards the back rows where Ang McBald and Jesse McDream sit to ask several complicated equations from the previous test and found out that it only requires two short lines to finish each problem. Tom was stunned and started banging his head on the hard cold table with tears sprinkling out.

The teacher, Eric McSylar, known to be the ‘Father of Humanities’, cheerfully stated that there is another topic to learn and questioned if we are ready. Gary McGay assiduously lists all the topics existent in the economy world as well as towards other humanities department in endeavor to flaunt the teacher and other student’s attention. Even so, James McAnnoy bellowed to shut Gary’s garrulous nonsense and Mr. Eric himself ignored both students.

“What is love?” Mr. Eric questioned. “Ugh…this is me…” Gary inaudibly whispered. The tediousness of the topic caused several chatting between students in class. Some say rumors is that Mr. Eric finally fell in love with a female economist. This concludes that his falling in love towards this particular lady is considered to have more benefits than other related business in his life. I could see that McDream is feeling the pleasure in rubbing McBald’s head while James and Dita quarrels in such immaturity concerning the ownership of a pink pencil they found on the carpet.

"Love...what is love?" I asked myself. I've heard countless things concerning love. My mind retracts all kinds of information from my brain’s memory, vision, judgment, logic and feeling and their distinctive characteristics about love. “Love is basically an emotion, right?” I asked in my mind, but if you were to think it through again, love is more than a basic emotion. Unlike simple emotions of anger, hate, fear, happiness, sadness, and other emotions, love, is expressed in such oblivious ways that it is sometimes expressed in weird ways. Tough love, for example, it is expressed through some pain for their own good as people mentioned. “Love…makes the world go round…” one of the songs sang by the PowerPuff Girls, rang in my head. Yes, people caring towards each other and showing love between mankind does make the world go round. Makes us feel that we are alive, don’t u think so? Other common kinds of love are expressed through and become a relationship. My mind hurts thinking about that because love relationships tend to get very intricate and complex. Sigh, if you think about it, it is true, what McDream once said, that love is more complicated than math. This is by fact due because it is not absolute. Doing particular steps into obtaining love does not necessarily guarantees that it would be successful. I tried to think of more things pertaining to love…“People do crazy things when they’re in love” is a quote from Disney’s Hercules as I recalled when the bell signaling the end of session rang loudly with announcement synchronizing within the tune.

Time relatively flies when you perceive dumb things. I did not catch much what Mr. Eric mumbles about love. McBald tries to talk in Chinese with McDream by mentioning weird Chinese sentences with grammatical error and wrong structures of sentence and naming the colors for some reason, but nonetheless, the bell signaled the beginning of our break. Third period is English with Ms. Jessica McBlonde and may something decent and virtuous happen in the day.

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