Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Chain Story I - Act II

Oh darn, and the first period of the day is mathematics. I am screwed....

[The First Period: Mathematics]

Dashing to the toilet to grab some tissues I am, just in case that my sinus excreted during lesson. I then make my way to my Standard Level math class, which is with by Mr. Ancient Edward. When I want to turn the doorknob , Mr Olwen is behind me and told me to cut my hair - Oh boy, it's not the 1st period yet and I am very screwed. Once I enter the room, I can see the peach-colored class filled with chit-chats from the girls in the back row (talking about how hot Peter Petrelli is, and how sexy Sylar is in HEROES season 2). I walk towards my seat in the front row with all the other boys, drop my folders into the ground, and take a sit. Before I could talk to my friend, Adrian McMoney, the second bell screeched harmoniously and the class suddenly became as silent as the clear blue sky outside. Mr. Ancient close his laptop, as he will start our lesson (that's what we all think). We supposed to learn into a new topic about Complex Number, but his deep and strong voice said: "Ok guys, today we are going to have a sudden test about the previous chapters. I want to check if all of you study at home."
When the echo of his last word vanished, everybody became speechless and the birds are chirping perkily outside. I then feel the deadliest aura emanating from nowhere. After taking so many seconds to realize this unfortunate reality, I turn my head to Adrian McMoney and he did the same thing. We said nothing to each other, but we know what we are trying to say: "we are dead..."

The girls are whining; hoping to extenuate the teacher's heart and will have the test postponed or even canceled. Yet, their charm became oblivious when it reaches his sturdy heart. Instead, he replied the girls coldly with stabbing meanings that are cloaked behind his phlegmatic sarcasm: "If you don't what to take the test, it's okay for me. That means you are smart and you don't need to be in my class right? Marvelous! I can be more relax since I will have less students! Splendid!"
The girls became quiet with raging fury painted on their face.

Without hesitation, he distribute the test papers quickly and we depressively working on it. The test turns out to be a calamity (Actually, all of his tests are calamities) and it gets even worse when it is a non-calculator test. Mr. Ancient is well-known to the students for his cleverness is making question; he makes difficult questions with answers that are VERY easy - it is so easy that you can bang your head to the wall when you know the answer. When he have distributed all papers he speak to us for the last time during that day: "Remember! Use your eyes, don't use your brain."
I scratched my hair relentlessly throughout the test, after reading question after question. For 20 minutes I used most of my brain cells just to recall all the things that I have learned and to organize it which formula is used in each questions - it gives me the feeling when people is constipating during their "session" with the toilet. After killing so many brain cells, I managed to answer most of the questions and I bet my luck in other questions. I finish the test 10 seconds before the bell rang. I never felt so relieved to hear the annoying bell.

Once I have submitted my paper (he took it from me when I was still writing my name down) a friend of mine, Ivana George, came to me with sheer melancholy: "I'M FAILING !!! OH NO I'M FAILING!!" I feel like slapping him right at that moment because he always says that after all tests and it turns out that he always get high scores. "Stuff you!!" I replied. He keeps defending his sarcastic melancholy, but I decided to pretend that he's not there. I packed my stationeries and I serendipitously saw my hairs scattered on the table and covered 1/8 of the table. When I have packed everything, I said goodbye to Mr.Ancient who gives a super sinister smile while looking at some of the test papers. All of us walk out the class with assortment of depressed emotions sketched on our pale faces. I walk through the emergency staircase; heading to my next class...Economy. Once I have reached the third floor, Mr Olwen saw me and shocked: "Wow McDonny, you have cut your hair ?!!? I am touched by your fast rate of responsiveness towards my warning ha-ha-ha"

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