Sunday, October 21, 2007

Lindsay Lohan Broke!

I was mindlessly browsing through the internet as a result of boredom when a headline caught my attention. It claims, “Lindsay Lohan: Broke?” Typically I wouldn’t take heed of gossip news particularly towards overrated celebrities such as her, Britney Spears, and Paris Hilton. However, this article managed to catch my eye as I couldn’t imagine how a Hollywood celebrity can be broke. Here’s an excerpt of the article:

“… the Hollywood it-girl is completely broke after blowing her fortune on her lavish party lifestyle!The troubled actress has apparently spent a staggering $7.75 million (yep, that's nearly 8 million dollars) over the last few months.
Now Lindsay has been forced to sell both her luxurious properties - her $1.1 million New York apartment and a $3.15 million apartment in LA.So what exactly has she been splurging her money on? Apparently a lot of stuff:

A million dollars on one hotel bill
A million dollars on clothes
Over $500,000 on partying
$500,000 on 24-hour chauffeur service
$350,000 on luxury Mercedes and BMWs
$137,000 in rehab costs
$70,000 on tanning and hair-styling

A source close to the star said that Lindsay is hoping to fix her financial problems by getting some new film work. "The only reason she's coming back to L.A is to earn some money fast.
"The trouble is, she's been criticized by important people in the film industry for being unprofessional on set, which could make it difficult to find a director willing to hire her...”

I could not believe it. It is incredulous to the extent that it is actually pretty funny. Although this might be tragic for her, I do not feel any remorse or sympathy. If she has any indication of a brain, she would have not squandered that much money (such as spending a million dollars on a SINGLE hotel bill). I think celebrities are so vulnerable to ruining their lives due to self obsession. They have forgotten that they are - like it or not – normal people whose money can disappear within a matter of days, hours, even seconds. Lindsay could have lived a life without having to work anymore; the millions of dollars which she possessed could have made her fully capable of that. Or she could have done something virtuous with her money: she could have donated it to the charity, or she could have financially support an underprivileged child. Could have, could have, could have. It is foolish of her to misuse most of her money on materialistic and perishable things such as clothes, partying, drugs, and what not. Now she must bear the consequences she reaped, and she has no one but herself to blame. Shame, shame. Hence, let that be a lesson for all of us, that even though it is fine to indulge in worldly splendors from time to time, we must not let it go over our heads, okay? :)

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