Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Fridays with DaNte! Last Post Before Holiday (Written during the holidays actually ^^)

Fridays with DaNte! Whee!

Yay! it's the holidays! It is the time where us IB students exult after a term of torment and hardwork. However, the heartless and unmerciful teachers of IB Diploma sentenced us with homeworks during our pe
aceful holiday. ANYWAYS! Let us finish this *cough stupid cough* blog. *Ehm* yes... lets go.

Erratic Picture of the Day

Auspicious Quote

"Who is wise? He that learns from everyone. Who is powerful? He that governs his passions. Who is rich? He who is content. Who is that? Nobody."

Benjamin Franklin

Word of the Day

usurp (verb) - take illegally or by force


"...ke.....p...." A distant voice vaguely resonated in my head. I faced towards the direction of the voice, but I didn't see anyone. "Wa..... u..." said the enigmatic voice. I tried to understand what he/she is trying to say, but my brain was dormant. I ran towards the direction of the voice, suddenly I see a brilliant light ahead of me. I sprinted towards the light, and suddenly the light intensified and it covered the overwhelming darkness. Then I saw a face. A big round face. It was Mr. Edward Ancient. "Wake up. You are a lazy person. You have no future! You cannot even do math, which is simple, easy and beautiful. Use your eyes!" he said in an ominous voice. I woke up from the atrocious nightmare. I screamed "Ampun Pak Edward!!!" to the top of my lungs.
"What has got into you Kwan? You are disrupting the class!" Ms. McBlonde yelled at me. She continued reading the extremely tedious book called 'The Great Gatsby'. The story consists of a young affluent man and a shallow woman. They get together, have a brief moment of romance, man died, woman ran, an epitome of nowadays' love life. Sigh... the love life... what am I going to do with 'her'? I wish I have a love life with her. I want to share my life with her... share my love... my heart... No, I'll give her all of my heart.
But why would she want to be with me? I am just an idiot who never excel in my academic or athletic life. Despite all my friend's auspicious comments, I still see myself in a dour and low image. My truly kind and magnanimous friend, Edward Hothandsomecoolsexyman, said that I am very well-rounded and I am not a failure. However, I never listen to him. He is very nice and caring to me, and to everyone he knows. I think he is the most kind and loving out of all my friends. He's also the hottest and most handsome out of all the boys in the school. Edward has a myriad of fans, and even male fans. I think I might be one of them. He is just so hot. Oh my gosh! He is sooo smoking hot... I am just soooo turned on by just looking at him. He is intellectual, handsome, hot, ssSssSssSssssSsSsSsexy... rawwRRrR, kind, versatile and wise... ughh... he is HOT! UGH!


I am so sorry. I was in a 'moment'. Anyhow... I don't feel like I excel in anything... I am a failure, a big failure! I should just die! ... Wait! I've heard this before, I think I've heard it from my uber pessimistic friend named Ivana George. I don't want to be like him... His nickname in a messanging service is always about him and failures such as loser, execrable grades, fail, and etc. No... I must be courageous and self-confident! I must gain kudos amongst my classmates and I must excel in school. I am not a failure... I am the ANTONYM of LOSERS! I am... KWAN MCDONNY! THE BEST STUDENT IN THE WORLD! MY STUPID FRIEND EDWARD HOTHANDSOMECOOLSEXYMAN IS THE BIGGEST AND MOST HOPELESS LOSER OF ALL TIMES!
Subconsciously, I stood up and yelled those words. Everyone was staring at me, looking at me with confused faces. I glanced at my surroundings, and then I awkwardly and slowly sat down. Edward was staring at me, and I looked at away. Few minutes later I found myself inside the principals office, waiting for the principal to come talk to me. The principal's name is Daisy Buchanan, similar to that of the girl in Great Gatsby. "You're academic performance have dropped significantly, Kwan. You used to be an eminent academic challenger, but what happened?" she asked sternly. I was silent. I know why, but I am too embarrassed to tell the reason.
"I... I think I'm in lo..." I shyly said until
the dumb girl, named Nandeeta Creates barged in the room. She is the ghetto girl who always wear skirts that only cover 1/10 of her thighs. I think everyone in the school have seen her... nevermind. "Welcome Deeta, have a seat and I'll be right there with you soon," Mrs. Buchanan said.
"Ughh..." scoffed Deeta.
Mrs. Buchanan looked at me and said, "And you were saying..."


A patient, while recovering in the hospital from a heart attack, met this over-zealous evangelist. After listening politely for more than a half hour on how thankful he should be to have been spared, and how he should repent at once, he asked if all of his sins had flashed before his eyes during the heart attack.

The patient responded, "Don't be ridiculous, the attack only lasted six hours!"

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