Friday, October 26, 2007

News During the Break

This term break feels like the most enjoyable holiday out of all the other holiday. After suffering the painful introduction of IB, its devious assignments, we actually have a break!!! Even with the holiday homeworks, most of us just don't care it anymore for in the end most of us has managed to condensed the 2 weeks homework into a 2 days work. Several just ignore it and didn't do it. Haha

Yet, even if we have a happy time, the world is still revolving and so does the news that keeps revolving around tragedies articles such as death...

So here I was, embarking to Singapore along with my parents and other relatives. I was so bored to death in the plane because I didn't feel like reading the novel that I brought on that day. Without further thinking, I asked the stewardess for the newspapers she was distributing. I read and skipped articles and I found quite many interesting news. One news was regarding a house that is built in form of a humongous toilet bowl in the middle of a tranquil garden. The reason of this architectural model is because the owner of the house was born in a toilet! Subsequently, he is also wanted to raise the awareness of clean toilets! However, only a couple pages from this extravagant event lies the news that is filled with tragedy. The word that means "the shooting of teachers and teenagers which ended with the killer committing suicide." In other words: the 2nd Virginia Tech incident.

The unfortunate event took place in SuccessTech Academy, Cleveland, Chicago, and it was done by a 14-year-old boy Asa Coon. His intention to kill is due to his suspension 2 days before the bloodbath. At the day of the shooting, Coon suddenly entered the hallway and fired several rounds; causing (at least) 2 teachers and 2 students to be injured. These 2 teachers are the teachers who are involved in his earlier suspension regarding his in-school fight. Luckily, the principal announced a "code blue" signal immediately; alerting all people in the school to hide and to lock classes. As the result, they are saved indeed.

After roaming from floor to floor shooting, when he reached the 4th floor, Coon went into a classroom and shoot himself with his .38 and .22-calibre guns. Investigators had deduced that the reason Coon committed a suicide because he realize that the police had surrounded the building and he has no way out.

However, after all investigations police still don't know exactly what is the motive of this shooting. Asa Coon records told us that he is an infamous delinquent in his school who once was put in a juvenile delinquent center and used to be suspended for attempting to harm other student physically.

How about our perspective? Can we also deduce that this is mainly a just-for-fun activity for him because he is a brutal delinquent? Or maybe because of today's teenager problem - peer pressure? After all, a student heard that Coon bellowed "Shut up, shut up, I hate this school" while he's shooting all over the hallway.

You see guys, our world is worsening by night and tragedies' origins are beginning to vary: from adults to teenagers who just have their puberty. Children's naughtiness is not all about breaking porcelain or throwing toys anymore, it is now all about killing! It gets into my mind that the more modern and innovative our world be, our way of living becomes stupider. From my perception, in developed countries like USA, parents sometimes scold their children without thinking the proper usage of words: they slander, slap, and sometimes spit.

Moreover, our educational that constantly blossoms and gain more versatile knowledge plus the advance (and sometimes overrated) establishment of school rules equals students whose patience have reached their limit due to the stress of many factors such as the rules that sometimes nonsense, become paranoia, and cannot suppressed their devilish plan of killing and torturing people. Nonetheless, peer pressure that becomes common in every teenager's school life, plays a role as a catalyze in the breakdown of teenagers' good mind set.

I hope that teachers and counselors will detect this notorious issue and the affected students, and know the action that should be taken. They should know the nature & characteristic of those students and choose the appropriate action that the students actually want you to do but they cannot say it out loud because maybe he will be bullied or pranked if other students know about it.

The way-of-thinking development of young teenagers are mostly affected by their teachers, since they spent 2/3 of their day in school.
Good teacher or bad teacher? that is the question!

*just a fun fact: why does this shooting-and-suicide incidents always occur to schools that has the word Tech on their name?

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