Friday, November 30, 2007

DaNte's Post

DaNte's Post

30-11-2007 ... again

Well, this is the actual post for today... The previous one was the post for last week. Since I am such a sedulous student of A2 HL English class, I want to finish my blog ASAP! By the way, Happy birthday Ms. Jessica! By the time I post this blog, it should be 1st of December already.

Erratic Picture of the Day
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"reality overshadows belief, yet belief fabricates miracles"

ME! uahahahahaa

Word of the Day

Well... I'll be giving a new one...

Eviternity (n) - eternal existence

Topic of the Day... well, again


What is friendship? Is it just an insignificant and useless relationship? or does it play a very important role in our lives? Friends does play a very significant part in our lives. Even with all the wealth and knowledge you have, without friends it all means nothing. Without friends, you cannot share your pain, joy or anything. Friends keeps you company at all times, no matter you are enjoying your life, or when you are at the deepest sorrow of your life. They are there for you. Friendship does not always be a very happy topic. It could be very hurtful and sad. I would like to share certain experiences relating to friendship to all of you.
I have abandoned a friend of mine once. He was a close friend of mine from my old school. We were really close, and I liked him as a friend. He was a hyper and crazy person. We had a lot of fun time together, until one day I have to move to another school. The unbelievable thing is, I was very inconsiderate and I just left without even telling him anything! I didn't have his phone number, and it was a school holiday. We didn't have any contact after I moved to SPH, and I think I saw him one time, when I picked up my brother from school. Unfortunately, he doesn't seem to recognize me (due to the 360 degrees transformation from the dorky me to the hot and handsome me) or he just doesn't want to see me.
I have been left by a friend once. We were really close during grade 9, and then something lugubrious happened. I liked the girl that he used to like, and we had a mutual relationship. We became further and further away, eventually during the holidays, we didn't really talk at all. Somehow we became closer in grade 10, and then ano
ther thing occurred again, which caused us to part ways. Our relationship didn't recover very well after that event. Fortunately, we are quite alright now. I think of him as a very special friend, and I really want to be close to him again.
But, I do have a joyful moment with friends. I have a very close and special friend of mine since grade 8. We knew each other when we were in grade 7, and we were in the same class. I became interested in getting to know her and we became close soon afterwards. She was always there, and every time I have something in my mind, I usually tell her right away. I was happy to be her friend, and we are still close up until now. We share each other's feelings and thoughts, and we often talk about it.
I have friends who are very funny and entertaining. They are in my English class! :D Although they may not be as close as my friend as depicted above, but we are quite close. They always support me, and we have a lot of fun times together. Most of the time we do peripheral and stupid things. We laugh a lot, and we get excited doing things together a lot. They are my sports friends as well, because I play a lot of sports with them. We share similar characteristics and interests.
Despite the sadness and troubles of having friends, we should connect ourselves with a lot of people. We should be amiable, flexible and convivial at all times so we can easily relate with other people. Th
e more friends you have, the more powerful and influential you become. However, you should choose your friends carefully. Do not befriend people who will exacerbate you.

Joke of the Day

Quite A Development

When I had a job at the photo-developing counter of a pharmacy, the film was sometimes developed incorrectly. If this occurred, we did not charge our customers. On one occasion, a man came to pick up his pictures, which were marked $0.00, indicating that not a single one of them had turned out right. The customer asked to see the photos, and when I noticed the odd splotches of color all over the pictures, I apologized profusely. "Oh, no, these are fine," he said happily. "I'm a microbiologist, and these are my bacteria cultures."


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