Sunday, November 18, 2007

Violence at Schools - [ 4th blog in term 2]

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Palsu or Tiruan - [adj] - Fake, Counterfeit


Violence within the education institute is always attracting anger. This because education's real purpose - to equipped people with smart common-sense and judgment, as well as polite and civilized behavior - has been tainted and "reversed." Thus, educations that give birth to aggressive characteristic are considered as a betrayal upon the educational purpose.

However, violence within the educational world not just recently happened but it has long been an inseparable part. Maybe this issue is not really portrayed within our school's community, but if we broaden our view to other schools in Jakarta alone we can identify variety of these sadistic cases among the students. Based on newspaper articles that I have recently read, these brutalities is unlike the normal teen fight such as backstabbing or outcasting people - they have turned into bloodshed battlefields amongst peer. Maltreatment done by seniors and gangster fights are just what we called as "basic and common" examples regarding to student's death. Broaden our view again; we can see the worse scenario such as the Virginia Tech incident that receives the world's pity. Are these the kind of future that we have dreamed for our generation's education? This continuous chain of violence through time is actually indicating us that actually violence has become a tradition that is globally preserved, grown, and solidified. This world where we lived in is having a deformation into primitive epoch; more primitive than the stone age itself.

Most of the gangsters in Jakarta schools are publicly exposed due to the coincidence where the victim's parents informed the school. But the violence within many other school remains unveiled and unnoticed because the solidarity between gangster members is very tight to make them open their mouth.

As we can hypothesize, these over-adolescent infractions are mostly due to peer pressure, envy, or grudge. Yet, the schools will never know the whole picture or the core of this hostility which befall upon their students. Moreover, some schools are blinded with material gains that they could not care less to observe their student's activity or by pretending as if they don't know it's happening, while some are just being overprotective and fanatical in creating a secure second-home for their students, which not only worsen the student's psychological mind map, but it also give limitation to their youthful age that should be filled with momentous happy moments - the golden year of their (or should I say our) life. Perfect schools are scarce these days. It means that revenges and brutalities in form of bullying or intimidation from the seniors to their junior are standing still as perennial customs.

In addition, these noted incidences are only from the media and this is a lot. Imagine the unpublished cases! These are just small tides from a big tsunami that is called student's violence. If only there are honest witnesses from related students, the number and type of violence will be utterly shocking.

Surely we can talk and relate these school's aggression enjoyably and in a wider spectrum; our community. Look at the bigger "model" of these bloodshed battlefield throughout history: Poso, May Riot, and Bali Bombing. Not to mention the social conflicts within a smaller scale that often producing excess death. These are our true faces, and it is the bitterest truth of all that we are actually (I just heard this from TV) Lupus est homo homini - one human becomes another wolf for the others. Don't we dare to think that these bigger conflicts doesn't have any correlation to what happened in schools these days. As I said before, it is a sign of educational deformation!

Basically, Indonesia's society is actually a "mother" who give birth to multifarious communities with various necessities (gangster, false teachings, communist, etc). This school's violence is not something that stand on its own. It is created from societies who DO take care of this violence.

On contrary, violence is not something that we cannot separated from the school's community for it only grows in fields where they are given a space to grow and blossom. Emphatic schools which declare wars and consistent observations will not provide space for the harmful flower to blossom.

The easiest solution for this problem is to give punishments to the doers. Yet, this is a very blunt solution since the punished ones will plant more grudge and will present worse brutalities right after they have been set free - it would become an endless cycle. Moreover, sometimes the students did this because of their unfortunate backgrounds, overrated peer pressure, or because they couldn't bear the injustice that befalls upon their life. For example: ignored by the majorities, become the teacher's bias victim, pranked continuously, etc. Our country do need to reevaluate these negative externalities, and repair the damage that has spread even to the mind of the youth.

We must believe, especially within the education world, that to prevent is the best option. True educators should also be able to straighten student's destructive behaviors into constructive ones. Maybe school gangsters cannot be eliminated, but their potential to gather for their multifarious needs can be guided and eventually transformed into a community of activities and creativities for social needs and benefits.

Because of this, the world of education must also have the best ability to maintain justice and regulations through good exemplars. This have to be the uppermost commitment.

This goes for Indonesia's society as a whole as well, with hope to abolish all external issues that only worsen our country: domestically and internationally.

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