Monday, November 19, 2007

Fridays with DaNte 4th post 2nd term

Fridays with DaNte


This week is… uhh… 2 weeks before exams… T_T HOW EXCRUCIATING! We must study… study… and study! Good bye social life, good bye PlayStation 2, and good bye Dota… boohoo…

Erratic Picture of the Day


Auspicious Quote of the Day

"Dreams will only exist as a dream unless you wake up and make it happen"

Edward Budiman

My own quote, hehehe.

Word of the Day

Dreamscape (n) – A scene with the strangeness or mystery characteristic of dreams

Topic of the Day

My Personal Awesome Laudable Stream of Consciousness

Today is Friday and what I do in Fridays is take a rest but then there’s so much things that I want to do such as playing computer games, hang out with friends, play basketball and a whole lot more however my time is all taken by my girlfriend (:P kidding) in the next room, I wonder if the people next class are doing a tedious project or work because we are doing something really arbitrary and aberrant so its really unfortunate for them if they are doing something boring like math classes that I just took before this lesson with Pak Wir who taught math for around 40 years or so until present time where technology have almost dominated the world and people keep on utilizing these technologies in order to make life easier unlike Indonesians do, they just keep living in monochrome and the governments are a bunch of selfish idiots who always corrupt the country’s money and never care for the rising issues in Indonesia such as the Busway project which caused an even slower and aggravating traffic jams in Jakarta and problems for us good citizens of Indonesia but not all citizens are good because some are ugly and annoying like James who’s sitting in front of me right now, I don’t like him because he annoys the *@!#*$(#@#%^! Out of me but I am only kidding by the way, James is a nice friend and he’s very laid back and loud as well, very loud just like Meta who’s being excessively loquacious and she is very confident, in my opinion, sadly for James he was being verbally-harassed by Meta, she made a big scene in our English session right now and she is disrupting any stream of consciousness because of her extreme and perturbing voice that insistently attack my ears, okay enough erratic babble about Meta, I want to watch Heroes Season 2 and when I go home I will watch that season right away because I just downloaded it.

The Stream still continues, but before you fall asleep I should stop it :D

Joke of the Day

Your mom is so stupid that she tells YOU your momma jokes.

… no comment… haha


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