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Say Hello to Volleyball - [2nd Blog in term 2]

Minor Announcement!!!~
The beginning of term 2 and the blog seems to become duller and duller by day. Bloggers started to slack a little bit during their shifts (including me who still owe 2 blogs). This is utterly sad yet unavoidable.

Starting from this blog, inspired from Dante, I want to add a "word of the day" section in each of my blogs in the future. But mine would be Indonesian vocabularies. I know maybe this decision is equivalent to desperate attempts to make the blog less boring to be written or to be read, but who knows that these vocabularies will help some of us such as the expatriate audiences as well as those Indonesians who are struggling in their Bahasa class (you know who you are). You will never know when the smallest thing you see is the key to survive one of your biggest moment in life.

I will try to include various words (verb, adjective, adverb) and also some Indonesian phrase or idiom. I hope I can give the most precise definition of the words later on.

Bahasa Indonesia of the day:

Jenaka - [ adj ] - Funny, Quizzical


In this life, there are just things that you just cannot avoid them from encountering with you whenever and wherever you are. Just like mosquitoes who always chase and bite you whenever you hanged out with your friends in Indonesia, or like the haunting curiosity of your math result whenever you just submit your test paper to your teacher. This is both annoying and relieving. It is annoying because you just get bugged with the same thing (or person) with the same nuisance condition. It can be relieving because if you certainly know that you can ace the test, then you can hum joyfully while waiting for the test to be graded - it's a problem free! And you know what? I am suffering with this mandatory event.

Firstly, we say goodbye and congrats to the basketball season & teams who have done well in the tournaments, and say hello to volleyball season. So here I was 2 days ago, changing into my PE uniform and waiting in Gym 1 after school - It has been so long that I wanted to learn to play volleyball, ever since the Interhouse Volleyball Competition (which was won by Krakatau yay!) - holding volleyball and ready to try to do a service. All of the participants are waiting for Pak Ricky to come but after 10 minutes we didn't see him anywhere; all we can see is just Bu Riri and the girls team, and Mr.Owen who was stretching in his red jersey. I asked him what is he doing here, but I didn't receive his reply clearly. It was a very awkward scenery.

Five minutes later, Mr.Owen suddenly told us to move to the other side of the gym (where the badminton nets usually set). All of us startled and slowly realized that he is our volleyball teacher!!! Turns out that he will help Pak Ricky in this season. He is the encounter that I could not avoid in my IB life...

Since morning, his presence never subsides until the clock reaches 5 o'clock. When I go to school by bus, around 6:40, I always saw him with his son walking to the school. 20 minutes later, I go to his class (he's my homeroom teacher). Then almost everyday I have him again as my chemistry teacher, and during Thursdays I have double period of him after lunch (making it a 4 non-stop periods). Not forgetting that whenever I go to my locker (which is almost everytime) I always see him as well. And now, he is my volleyball teacher too! This should be a quality time indeed.

I must say that Mr.Owen is good in volleyball and he is very humorous as well. His presence as my volleyball teacher relieved me quite a bit because we meet very frequently; making us quite close. Thus, he knows my capability and personality, and he can understand if I was making mistakes. Nevertheless, I won't be shy to ask his assistance (since I'm a novice in this sports and there are lots of skills that I need to learn). I'm not comparing him and Pak Ricky, because I like both of them and both of them have the humorous personality and qualitative teachings. It is great to have both of them as volleyball teachers.

Just as a brief story, we (the volleyball participants) have had lessons for 2 days and they are filled with unusual drill as well, especially during the 2nd day. In the first day, we just refresh and perfecting our passing skills and test our capability by having a game. The second day, we have speed and technique drill; normal stuffs. However, we are also taught how to receive the ball my diving! We have to literally throw our self to the floor as if we're diving and stand up swiftly. We have to do this repetitively across the gym and trust me, it is a pain near our stomach area. I even get a bruise and a papercut. Overall, they are very interesting days!

-I'm starting to like volleyball, even though I still suck at it

Hence, It can be deduced that:

My Homeroom Teacher = My Chemistry Teacher = My Volleyball Teacher

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