Thursday, November 15, 2007

Interhouse Soccer Tournament !! - Tense Soccer, Intense Sunlight - [3rd Blog in Term 2]

Bahasa Indonesia of the Day:

Kabur - [verb] - Fade, Blur
Kabur - [noun] - Escape, Fled

Yesterday was very loud and lively. It began with assortment of deafening cheers (and growls) that filled the gym with enthusiastic moods, proceeded with wild soccer kicking and goaling, and ended with our feet that can barely walk but with smiles that never fade. It is a good refreshment and relaxation in this painful IB world.

As Krakatau as I can be, the day from my perspective was wonderful even though all I do is just watching, cheering, and wandering in the field. Summarizing yesterday, the krakataunians (that's what we call it) from grade 11/12 was beaten real bad and did not win any single game. The game was real tense though because we made quite a lot of goal attempts that, unfortunately, missed by small inches. But as bright and hot as the sun, our cheering was never ending and WE WON THE SPIRIT COMPETITION!! We also took the 1st place in the Junior School, and 2nd in Senior School (Poor Reds; miscounted and have to hold the 4th place. Sorry Miss Jess haha). Yellow is so winning this year trophy.

Out of all the events held yesterday, I really enjoy watching the small tots played the soccer ball quizzically. Some of them are actually good!! especially the goal keeper of Krakatau who caught every single ball that was launched by the opponents. The water balloon war in the grade 11/12 field is also memorable: some of us managed to make Mr.Sam and some of the players wet! All is tense, all is fun...just for that day.

Pitifully, the side effects of the 5-hour event were seen today to both students and teacher; pain ones and strange ones. Firstly, the majority of people suffer sunburns in variety of levels - from red patches until full skin pigmentation - which make most of them vulnerable to be poked. Secondly, both players and supporters' energy are completely drained and all of us are tired as if we suffered Monday fever. I can see myself and my classmates were in almost-sleep condition in every classes (some of us did sleep heavily like fainted people). The teachers were also in a lazy mood today, and turns out that they're more tired than we are because right after the tournament, they have teacher's chapel and filling thick questionnaire papers. Thirdly, players are suffering physical illnesses such as sprains and blisters, and most of them are felt by the players this morning.

Last but not least (I make a special paragraph just to tell this one), yesterday's intense sunlight have caused certain people to suffer jet lag and personality alteration! This is the weirdest sunlight effect that I have ever witnessed in my life. This effect was clearly presented through a certain teacher that taught me early in the morning: Initially, his physical appearance was painted with blushing red, his face expression was showing an obvious sign of tiredness, and most of all his personality during lesson is the most noticeable of all. He usually taught us enjoyably educational with his clever case exemplars and he always answered his student's question seriously. Today however, he taught us normally but he became cheesy and cheesier as time went on: he answered questions with cheesy jokes and slipped some quick but numerous intermission of his cheesy jokes during his explanation of certain theories; creating laughter that is mixed with fear, fear that this particular teacher was suffering an emotional breakdown. When we asked him why he did those jokes, he answered youthfully (see, he even act more youthful than usual): "I can't stop myself from doing that."

But still, even though he was cheesy we still love him and he is still our best economic teacher ever! (now you know who is this anonymous teacher).

All in all, the soccer tournament was very enjoyable and it has established tighter bonds between each others, especially between members of the same house team. Yes it has shown wild and gruesome effects to all people, but its presence has created another page of memories in our high school life; the golden year of our life. Come to think of it, it is these kinds of sceneries and unexpected moments with your close ones and the people around you that make this life reaches its completion.



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