Sunday, May 4, 2008

DaNte's Post

DaNte's Post

I KNEW IT! Sooner or later someone is going to write a blog about the stupendous and epic IRON MAN!!! YEAH! GO IRON MAN! I think it's the best superhero movie I've ever seen. Or probably it is just how they visualize the creation and assembly of the iconic red and yellow metallic armor. I was going to write something about Iron Man, but I had to abandon that idea thanks to Jesse. Nevertheless, I'd like to write something that was related to Iron Man, in a way. It's about an advertisement of an Indonesian horror movie (we all know in this case it wouldn't exactly be a horror movie at all) before the movie started.

Three high school students sneaked through the school corridors, with one of them holding a video camera. They stood upon the threshold of the biology lab, and in the distance there is an old, filthy and mysterious school cleaner watching them closely. The students opened the door, and it turns out it was a birthday surprise for one of the students. The old man, however, stared at them with a cold and malicious look on his face.

Hours later the principal found out about the birthday surprise and summoned the three students who sneaked into the school late at night. The principal was infuriated and scolded the trio. It was unclear who gave the video camera to the principal and why he was uncontrollably irate. The trio pretended to be oblivious about the video camera, and they swore that they don't know anything about the whole birthday surprise. Suddenly, one of them said "Sumpah pocong pak!" which means they swore to the 'pocong' ghost. The lights went off for a while, and the principal was appalled in silence. The trio walked out of the corridor, and once again the lights in the corridor dimmed and faded. The trio ran up to the stairs, and on end of the corridor the old man once again stared with an intimidating stare on his emotionless face.

This is when the horror movie advertisement crumbles. Suddenly a girl with red dress appears and asking the audience if they are interested with the story. Unexpectedly, the setting changes into a movie cinema, where the girl appears in a casual clothing. The woman started advertising a new system the cinema had implemented. Advertising a lame horror movie is still fine, but to elongate it with a completely different product is outrageous. Not only the advertisement has no relation whatsoever, the latter advertisement is even longer than the former. At the end of the advertisement, the old mysterious man seen on the previous advertisement appears and says "Nonton filmnya!" with the girl supporting his statement.

This is a pathetic advertisement. It doesn't conjure any image of an epic horror movie that will strike fear in the hearts of the audience. First, the horror movie doesn't even make sense and doesn't look intimidating at all. Second, the latter advertisement ruins the whole image of the horror movie and it doesn't even relate to a horror movie. This kind of advertisement depicts the degradation of media. Advertisement is everywhere. It is displayed anywhere even in the inappropriate place and time. The purpose of advertisement is no longer to educate and inform its audience, but to brainwash and define concepts and terms for society.

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