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Idolized Superhero with Wicked Computer Effects

“Idolized Superhero with Wicked Computer Effects” 02-05-08

There is for all time a superhero within us that we admire as a child since our eyes have set upon one of the media. May it be actual people such as a hardworking father, a loving mother, your mathematics teacher, or people in the past who have contributed to society in the past such as the wise Confucious, Isaac Newton (Father of Modern Physics) and many others, or the typical fictional superhero that media has greatly enhanced in making it such a realistic figure such as Spider-Man.

I, myself have been endowed and inspired by many characters that might and most probably did shape me to the person I am presently. I revere my mathematics teacher, Thomas Wiryanto, who have such a great influence in teaching and telling me how we should deal with life (an of course the mathematics side of it), I adore John von Neumann (1903-1957) a mathematician who is illustrious for his contribution of the ‘Game Theory’ (theory of life expressed into mathematics – well, he tried, and was very much complex) and from the fictional perspective, I idolize the recent big hit in the blockbusters, Ironman.

Marvel Productions have yet again generated a realistic interpretation of a mere comic strip through the use of high technological media. Other productions include the X-Men Trilogy, Spider-Man Trilogy (soon to be Quadrilogy) the Hulk, and many more Marvel characters. Ironman is currently the latest production with the remake of Incredible Hulk on its way.

Ironman, like any other Marvel superheroes, concerns with the story of how one became a hero. Protagonist Tony Stark was renowned to be the owner of Stark Industries, producers of the best, most hi-tech weaponries a country can ask for. The story started with him being captured by “terrorists” and was forced to build a weapon. He was astounded after his traumatic experience in Gulmira, Afghanistan that the weapons he produced are bought to kill people and sadly, Americans. Determined to change the principle of his industries through his moral consciousness, he stopped the company’s production, isolated himself into creating something to destroy all his weapons manufactured. His greatest challenge was to face what he created falling into the wrong hands.

As an entirety, the movie is filled with wicked computer effects that rendered within the scenes and has captured many audiences into being enthralled by such high technology. One of the accomplishments is due to the protagonist itself which was described to be this hi-tech geek graduated from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a billionaire that has helped made the storyline flow as if he was the genius in making such technology.

One of the scenes that strike my with amazement was the part where he created his “heart” through the use of scientific ingeniousness by injecting his nervous system with a modified techno-organic virus to save his own life and thus his circular light in his chest that is said to generate 3 gigawatts of energy to prolong his dying body. (A lightning alone is approximately 1.21 gigawatts). If anyone could build that right this moment in time, they can be billionaires like Tony Stark himself for global energy resources are dilapidating.

There are several reasons why I idolize Ironman. One of the fact is that he is a billionaire (that is a lot of money, everyone wants to be wealthy), he graduated from an Ivy League MIT with magna cum laude and that he is not one of those superheroes who has naturally gained “superpowers” such as Spiderman, yet he is a self-made superhero. *Yes I know, all the descriptions in the last paragraph are realistic fiction, but nonetheless, I don’t mind idolizing fictional characters, everyone does that*

There are hints that the movie showed to insinuate a sequel to this wicked geeky movie. The fact that in the Marvel comics, James Rhodes (the Air Force Military partner) will become WarMachine due to Tony Stark’s declining lifestyle of both financially and biologically, there was this particular scene where Rhodes in the movie almost took the Mark I armor, second prototype of Ironman but specifically said, “Maybe next time, baby”

It’s a must-watch movie especially to all those physics, chemistry and biology geeks and those who especially adore outstanding computer effects that has enhanced media to the next level.

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