Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Scope of Channel Providers

"Don't work harder, work smarter" is what I could say to all us for the upcoming exams...

Anyways... Donny's spirit for badminton is ignited by the biannual Thomas and Uber Cup, and he is neglecting all of his school works!! (except for this blog, since it is pertaining to badminton)

The badminton spirit within Indonesians is on its climax. Numerous people from different ages are excited. These include me and my friends who watch the Thomas Cup in a teacher's room during lunch time and study period! However, when I go home and decided to watch the rest of the match, there are not any tournaments. It is not because the tournament have finished already or suddenly got canceled, but because of my provider.

I use Kabelvision for my TV provider, and it gives me many channels - national and international - with a clean vision. Not to mention that it is cheap and we can access the upcoming schedule for every channels. Such facilities can also be found in other providers such as Indovision and Astro. However, it is surprising to know that these providers are unable to broadcast live shows that is held in several Indonesia channels. For example, the Thomas and Uber Cup are held in Trans TV and Trans 7 at one and six o'clock. If we watch these channels during those time through normal TV antenna, we can watch the competition. But during the same time, if we watch the channels through providers, we will only watch a black screen with background musics. Yet, the schedule on the provider indicates that the competition happening right now. What makes these providers take such actions?

Maybe the providers does not have the agreement from the TV channels to broadcast the events, or they have to pay more to do that. Thus, the providers decided not to broadcast it at all. Another reason maybe because these providers does not feel that the broadcast is important. Note that such providers are often use by expatriate denizens, who does not have the same badminton spirit like most of the islanders. They are assuming that even if they broadcast the competition, majority of users will still watch other channels like Star World, MTV, Disney Channel, etc. It is a business strategy and and economic decision.

Even with those purposes, providers (especially ones who are owned by Indonesians) should realize that many Indonesians would be disillusioned. I, for example, lived in Lippo Karawaci where Kabelvision is offered since the day I moved here. Because I am not using normal antenna, I cannot watch the tournament at home unless I buy an antenna. Even with antenna, the screen quality is less clear than providers'. It is just sad how business sometimes makes people too blinded with money, that it forget the happiness of its fellow citizens.

this article does consist of a bias perception since I'm a badminton lover. But this issue is often argued by many people, especially during sports seasons. I hope that providers will consider this blog, and use it to improve the customer satisfaction. :)

[just a short response to Dante's post]

I'm also concerned about the axis issue. Me and my bus-mates discussed about this earlier, and we come to a conclusion that this is just a business strategy.

It is possible that this fanatical gossip is a "sabotage" from other national cellphone operator. With the chain text-messages regarding the issue which threatens people's live, the operators like Telkomsel and Mentari will get more income through it. Keep in mind that with this issue, the text-message senders are mostly from non-axis users.

Users of "axis" who believe in such myth will decline dramatically; decreasing its demand and forcing the operator to quit from Indonesia's market for cellphone operator. This might also a predatory strategy to kick foreign newcomers.

All of this are just opinions, and are not meant to be taken seriously or offensively. Thanks

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