Sunday, May 4, 2008

What Was Then and Now

Have you ever wondered the amount of movies and advertisements that you’ve seen in your life? Countless, I’m sure. An American youngster would watch TV at an average rate of four hours per day - let alone SPH students who could go to the nearest pirated dvd store and purchase tens of movies for an unbelievably cheap price. Over the years, I’ve realized that all the chick flicks, thrillers, musicals, comedies, action and horror movies that I’ve watched as well as the advertisements that I’ve seen on highway billboards and magazines have shaped my mindset in such an inconspicuous – and dangerous – manner.

I remember that I was in third grade when ‘Sex and the City’ first aired on HBO. I never stayed up late enough to watch the show, but I remember how I was so horrified at the name, even though I didn’t even know what ‘sex’ was back then. During those years, I felt that it was inappropriate for movies to show sensual activities – even a mere kiss on the lips! In addition, I’d cringe at the slightest profanity and condemn all violent actions as ‘inconceivable’!

…How I’ve changed over the years. Now I spend my weekends watching television shows such as Desperate Housewives, the O.C, Gossip Girl, and Cashmere Mafia, all those which are filled with endless sensuality, implied sexual activities, profanity, violence (kind of). Many times I’d watch a movie that is not supposed to be shown within my age range. For instance, a couple of months ago I watched the Atonement. Although I really think the movie is amazing – the casts, script, cinematography, and background music – the movie is actually R rated due to sexual references. Do I think some of the scenes are inappropriate? Well yes. But did it stop me from watching the rest of the movie? Not at all. Furthermore, I actually do not mind when people curse around me – it slowly integrated to what I deem as normal and appropriate.

It’s unfortunate, I know. However, I’m still wondering whether one should abolish all means of media. I think the viewers ultimately have the power to control the negative influences of media on their lives. But I also know from personal experience that tv shows, movies, and advertisements are hard to resist. Thus, even though the best course of action would be to eliminate the kinds of media that we know would contaminate our minds, this would lead to ineffectiveness. Besides, it’s hard to cut off every single media whilst living in such an image driven world. Eh. I’m confused.

(Forgive me for writing such a dull post.)


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AvaloN said...

It's not dull, Aggie =) i like ur opinions...

i cant believe u guys r still doing the blog. ours is pretty much abandoned...but well see over the summer :)