Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Vision of Reality

Let us not forget another form of media, the proof of humans' creativity, called novels.
A written literature which consists of nicely put words and touching lessons
Who says that only Western literature can create a huge impact to this Earth?
I, as an Indonesian, proudly present an Indonesian novel that touches the heart of many...
Chapter 2:
Laksar Pelangi (Rainbow's Army)
- a novel that motivates and makes you feel sinful if you don't appreciate life.

We are might be bored with novels about friendship where controversies arise and ceases in the end. Although it might be endearing, such works does not truly open our eyes to the friendship circle we lived in. Let say that they are utterly fictional.

Laksar Pelangi, however, tells us about the life of 11 students (classmates) from unfortunate backgrounds who study at a provincial school. Written in the pages are their relentless journey to search for knowledge and dreams. What makes this book special is the fact that the story is based on a true story of the author itself! Some people might grasp it incredulously because the event is too tragic or too fictional to be true.

Lintang, one of the student, never skip a day of school even though he must bike for 40km to go to school everyday. He still comes even when all they did at school is singing a song for a festival. When he went home (another 40km) he help his dad as a human labor and can only study, using an oil lamp, when everyone have slept. Yet, he realizes that he is a natural genius; an Einstein and Archimedes who lived in a unfortunate village. Even in one scene, he dares to rebut a scientific analysis of a PhD Physician. This character truly amazes me. His intelligence has opened his friends' eyes and see that they can have a dream about their future, instead of continuing their dads' path as labors.

Mahar, another student, is gifted in arts. His creative mind has make their school to achieve the 1st place during an Independence Day competition. And the materials used are not festive either. His scatter-brained persona and vivid imaginations had once lead him to believe in paranormal activities, which sometimes provide some scientific proof on some myths - a somewhat myth-busters. Readers will be surprised with how these poor students can change the society where they lived in, the society of Bangka Belitong (a town in Sumatra)

Aside from these two are other students with unique, yet not as significant as Mahar and Lintang. Altogether, with their different dreams and ambitions, they build up a tight pact and make every events in their life meaningful and memorable.

This first book of the tetralogy is narrated by the author himself, one of the 11 students. Although he seems very insignificant throughout the story, readers should realize that every single detail is sophisticatedly described and the flow of words is just....amazing. When reading this novel, readers will feel as if they see the scenes with their own eyes. Maybe it seems like an exaggeration, but it is true.

I honestly cannot say much about the details, since every single pages consists of sentences you don't want to be spoiled with. As the back of the book says: this book is dedicated to those who believe in the magic of childhood and to those who trust a miraculous door that can change the future, known as education.

This book has been commented and praised by Indonesian well known authors, as well as other public figures. They keep on stating how this book is full of emotions and originality. The author is even invited to Kick Andy (Indonesia's Oprah) and is reunited with the characters in the book - his teacher and friends.

All of us will witness the ironic life of these students. Who would expect that their future is not as it is expected as what they have shown during their school life? It may seem bitter to be told about, but it truly is...a vision of reality. Yet, when everything goes wrong, friends will always be there to help us with our dilemma!

This is why, high school is the best period of our life! savor them... *cheers*

-it seems that this novel is going to be filmed too! -

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