Sunday, May 11, 2008

DaNte's Post

DaNte's Post

Hoam... another week passed, and we are getting closer to the exams. So we better prepare ourselves and STUDY LIKE A POSSESSED MAN FROM NOW!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHA

The Axis of Evil

What strikes your mind when you read this title? Russia? World War 2? The Allied? Well, this 'Axis' is not about World War 2 or the like. This 'Axis' I'm talking about is the recent cellular phone operator in Indonesia. I am pretty sure you all know what I mean by 'The Axis of Evil', right? I think everyone got the sms... The stupid sms... I don't know who started the sms but it is certainly stupid to jump into a conclusion that 'Axis' is a satanic and brainwashing product when it just came into Indonesia's market.

The advertisement of Axis with the repeated number of '6' makes it egregious for promoting the number of the devil. I guess not all big scale advertisements really promote their products well yeah?

However, is it really true that 'Axis' is actually satanic and they are scheming an evil and diabolic plan? The number '6' that they continuously use could be a sign of evil. Not to be racist or anything, but their country of origin is Arab, where most of the population is Muslim. The advertisements are very large in scale as well. I saw the advertisement took a whole page in the newspaper. But nevertheless I don't think people should really be afraid of the product and spread such ridiculous rumors.

But the rumors are not actually an entirely bad thing at all! I mean, this could make us more caution about what the media is trying to tell us right? By giving such fearsome rumors people will be more aware of what the advertisement offers and they are less likely to fall into the sweet euphemistic yet deceptive messages of media.

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