Sunday, December 9, 2007

DaNte's Post

DaNte's Post


1 week before the holiday! Joy to all SPH students for the Christmas holiday is imminent! However, we still have the EE Working Bibliography and for Math HL students, we will have a test on Thursday. Hence we should finish strong and then we can go crazy or just sleep during the holidays!

Erratic Picture of the Day

Auspicious Quote of the Day

"Victory belongs to the most persevering."

Napoleon Bonaparte

Word of the Day

Aficionado (n) – A person who is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about an activity or subject

Topic of the Day


"I love you, James," said the girl with sparkling, watery eyes.

"Oh Naomi, I love you too! It's been too long that I haven't seen you," James said both joyfully and sadly. They hugged tightly, and it seems that no force in this world may separate the two destined lovers. They look deeply into each other's eyes and their face came closer and closer in slow motion. Their lips touched each other, and passionately they kissed each other. They were together in their own world, ignoring every single movement, noise, and existence in this world. Nothing matters but to have each other for the rest of their lives.


These kind of love stories only exist in movies, or romantic
novels. Very scantily we see this kind of story in real life. Hollywood directors and novel writers always imbue stories with lies and fake stories that can rarely come true. The truth is, most love hurts. MOST, I say, because the so-called 'true love' in movies does come true in real life. But for the most part, love hurts. Believe me, it hurts a lot.

I apologize for my cynical and dour point of view, but I only want to express my thoughts. From my personal experience, I believe love hurts, even when you think optimistically but in the end, it will just crush you and throw you to into the deepest oblivion in your life. I have been in love a few times, and sometimes I just wonder, maybe if it is better not to feel love or even any emotion at all? Is it really worth it? In the end, you will just get hurt. It hurts when you try your best but in the end the person you love the most betrays you, it hurts when he/she does not appreciate for all your efforts in satisfying them, it hurts when they became selfish and never think about your needs, and it hurts to let them go. So, is it really worth it?

Love, which every movie and novel depicted as the best experience that a human could ever have, actually causes destruction and hatred. Love can be despicable and pernicious to everyone. Let us take an example from Troy. Two warriors fell in love with the same girl caused their countries to incinerate in the flames of war. Another exemplar we can take is the novel 'The Great Gatsby'. The protagonist, Jay Gatsby fell in love with Daisy Buchanan. He did his best and gave everything for her but in the end, he died and his 'true love' left him to be with another man.

I had experience this painful love as well. I did my best to make the girl happy, but it seems that everything I do never satisfies her. She kept on demanding more, without regards to my needs or wants. It seems that she only took advantage of me. I had also loved a girl once, who in the end betrayed me and thought that I was nothing in her eyes. It hurts, really, when the girl you love just left you like that without even a single 'thank you' or even showing gratitude.

But why do we love? Why do we keep on insisting loving the opposite sex even we know that someday we will going to be hurt? Love drugs people and indulges them in a fictional world of idiotic optimism and in the end love will overdose them and kill them slowly, and excruciatingly. But even so, people keep on loving. Loving someone makes you care for he/she and makes you want to be with the person you love all the time. To be honest with you, I personally feel the same way too. Even after I got hurt a few times, I still want to love someone. When you get close and spend time with the person you like/love, you just feel really happy. It seems that nothing makes you happier or satisfies you but to see the person you love happy or spend time with him/her. You feel joyful when the person you love replies your love. You dare and willing to go to great extents just to see your love happy and smile at you.

Apologetically I say that I am truly sorry for my pessimistic way of delineating love. But, I urge you dear viewers to stay strong in your love. Never give up. Heartbreaks are only there to make you stronger and persevere in your love. Do not give up in loving, for the Bible say "And now there is three: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of all is love," (I forgot the Bible verse). So love everyone, despite the pains and troubles, for it will someday benefit you.

Joke of the Day

Yo momma so stupid she sits on the TV, and watches the couc


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