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The Probable Modern Day "Tower of Babel"

The Probable Modern Day “Tower of Babel”

Everyone knows the story of “The Tower of Babel” from the Bible when humans endeavor a challenge in making a tower that would reach the heavens and take upon God themselves. God punishes them by varying the single language spoken to numerous languages causing them to be confused and thus, the tower was not completed, causing them to be scattered around the world. The term ‘Tower of Babel’ is usually depicted as an image when we want to be God and in the article below might be some evidence to see that we are getting closer and closer to that; in any case with good intentions.

Skin-aging was considered a common threat to those who wanted to be physically appealing because we grow older and nothing can be done as we are governed by time. Science then came along making lotions and other substances than could replenish the dead skin cells making them newer. Now, through an advanced study in bioengineering, they finally succeeded in a reversal of aging.

As accordance to World Science, scientists report this to be the very first successful reversal of aging, yet only on one organ: the skin. Though it was only tested upon a mouse, the researcher’s said:

It’s un­clear, they said, whether these results can hold up for long time periods, and how one might apply the find­ings to hu­man­s. Yet the work is sig­nif­i­cant in that it shows a pro­found “rejuvenation” is at least partly pos­si­ble in prin­ci­ple.”

Further explanation was given that the experimented mouse went through its lifespan and aged normally, but when the cream was added to a patch of skin, there was a striking outcome in two weeks, where it is reported that the gene activation profile and tissue characteristics of the aged skin reverted to those of young animals.

Such finding within newer technology surely is beneficial to the human race and especially to those whom wanted such smooth skin as babies. Though it might not apply towards internal organs yet (the kidney, the liver, the lungs, and the heart) it might possibly be done in the future. Now, with this new product, we are able to physically appear younger than we are in more of an extent than with the usage of present time products. Do keep in mind, that through these bioengineering courses, though it “aids” the human society, it also leads us to become closer to being God; literally. Suppose in the long run, these finding finally are able to keep the body organs young, yes we can live longer and probably be immortal to an extent. *Assuming no side effects occur* But think about it, these bioengineering technologies does neglect the destined fate from God. An exemplary model would be those who are armless and legless, they are initially destined by God to be as follows, but due to technology, they can still have an artificial limb. Furthermore, research shows that they are able to detect feeling by manipulating the sensory nerves through temperature and other variables, causing a goal to be made be scientists: making artificial limbs that could ‘feel’.
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The same concept applies to the human organ, where we say destined to die at a certain point of our lives due to the incapability of the human body to function anymore, we can grow or “rejuvenate” a new organ; both artificially and naturally (if one were to think about it) Thus causing us to neglect our fate.

What can we expect to happen next within the more advanced findings? How would God punish us nearing his affinity? The enigma remains.

First reversal of aging in an organ claimed:

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