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The Moment 'Soul' Intertwines with the Human Body

The Moment ‘Soul’ Intertwines with the Human Body 09-12-2007

Question of Thought: When does the soul enter within the reproduction stage that distinguished the being to become living human and not just mere organisms?

It is always amazed when a new baby was given birth and became a new member of the society. Especially when the baby, in reality, was initially a sperm and an egg meeting each other going through mitosis and meiosis stages of cells before it became “human”. Macroscopically, we are actually just cells built up upon each other with an exceptional addition of a soul. But where does that ‘Soul’ come from? The answer can simply be ‘God’ for those believers of an Ultimate Creator. But the question is, “When does the soul enter the human body?” Before we continue, the paragraphs below will describe the things that make up an actual human.

It has been stated by many that the composition of a living human consisted of three fixations: the body, the mind and the soul. Each fixation corresponds in a contribution to have the whole human being to function. Theoretically, without the three following fixations to be present in one being, it is not a human living being.

The body, can be analogized as a container in which makes us tangible and encompass a physical appealing attribute. The body organs such as the lungs, the stomach, the kidney, the sensory nerves, the bones aids us through the way we are created to work and be alive, such that the heart helps the body to regulate the blood circulation, the lung regulates the breathing cycle, the stomach takes up the nutrients for our body’s growth and protection and other organs have its uses as well. Simply, the human body consisted of organs, blood and muscle tissues.

The mind can be analogized as the computer. It sends signals to the human body as well as it records the experience one has endeavored. The mind plays an important role to an individual because of the fact that the mind one that controls the body as well as it acts to protect the body. It gives signals when things are too hot for the body to handle or in general, the pain. It contains memories of the experiences the body has endeavored, the logic to comprehend our world, the creativity to enhance it, and many more things. As referring to the saying that ‘pain makes you know that you’re alive’ corresponds to the fact that without the mind, the human is not alive.

The soul (or the spirit) is in the other hand, a complex entity that maybe our brains cannot grasp its actual description. It is something that cannot be created artificially by humans. The soul is actually the conscious that causes the mind to act or inevitably, the individual persona within each being. To refer to the verse from James in the Bible, “As the body without the spirit, is dead…” theoretically, it is not dead. The mind functions and the body functions, it is physically alive, but it lacks the spirit, or the soul, the conscious in being aware that it is alive. There is a specific term for this case: undead; which literally means ‘not dead’ but also ‘not alive’ in its ordinary way.

To come back to our focus question: “When does the soul enter the human body?” a known aphorism which states that abortion is manslaughter can be discussed. Nine months has been calculated to be the time range in which the collection of cells becomes a human being as they say abortion is murder to human life. In six weeks, a baby’s heartbeat can be detected, which means that the baby is physically alive and growing. Therefore, before six weeks, maybe the soul has entered the cells. From this, we cannot actually pinpoint the precision of time in which the soul or the spirit came down from heaven. We can assume it is already bestowed when the sperm meets the egg three minutes after the intercourse. But to actually prove the enter of the soul would probably need a paranormal in sensing spirits or in the long run, wait for a better technology to do so. Nonetheless, though this question of thought cannot be specifically answered, it can be a good thing to think and consider about for a soul has to come in the reproduction stage sometime.

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