Sunday, December 9, 2007

A Simple Stress Reliever: Stream of Consciousness!

Bahasa of the Day

Sendawa - [verb] - burp (usually used for babies who burped when we pat their back)

Time flies very fast during weekends as it is night already and I haven't done anything useful. All I did are just watching television, chatting, playing games, finalizing English script and researching EE stuff. Argh EE, come to think of it I kind of regret to choose biology as my EE topic since I think my idea is not concrete enough to produce a high quality essay, and actually I am still doubting what my research question is! I am so dead. Oh no someone is interrupting me in MSN. Anyways, yesterday has been a wonderful day since me and my friends went on Bakti Sosial activity where we were doing some painting, cleaning, and decorating - it was memorable indeed. The school is very small like a quarter of Miss Jessica's room is equivalent to one class. The sun's intensity tanned us yesterday but it was good to have a sun bathe once in a while, especially in this IB life where sunlight is scarce to our youthful life. Some people and I were in charge in decorating and although the result is not as gallant as we are all expected, it still looked nice and we looked it with satisfaction since we made them for 3 hours nonstop. We returned to school at one o'clock where most of us decided to go and have lunch at Dragone, the most pitiful and the most stingy restaurant I have ever seen. To know what happened just take a quick glance to Jesse's Stream of Consciousness and also my previous blog entitled "Economical Stinginess" and you should have been agreed with me once you have read it. Ah yes, speaking of food, I just realized that I have never eaten any croissant in my whole life. Since I was little I always picture croissant as this super hard tasteless bread when I looked at the pictures, but just a week ago I saw this anime about a talented bread-maker and he showed the inside of a croissant which has countless tasty layer and it is crunchy too! I want to buy one but I did not have the time to go to the mall, pity me. Ahhh, my curtain is falling down again what's wrong with it! It has been months since my curtain keeps falling down every 1 hours even though I have glued it with super glue; total annoyance. Aside from the sudden desire to eat croissant, now I also have this sudden demand to swim ever since I saw the Sea Games swimming competition that is held in Thailand. I really love swimming and I have swum since TK but then schoolworks consumed most of my time to swim since I entered grade 10. I am thinking to go swimming at school after the holiday but then again I do not want to swim alone. I asked my friends but they don't want to swim with reason that they are too lazy to change into swimsuits and some also said no because they are embarrassed as well. What's wrong with people nowadays? Seriously, I often see a lot of people who are degrading and generalizing swimming as a sport that only show off people loves to do it since they can show their muscle and stuff. I hate it when people said this, just because the majority of their community prefers swimming they don't have the authority to make such idiotic generalization regarding this sport, same goes to rock climbing. Do they realize that swimming yields multifarious benefits? They simultaneously raises our endurance, builds and tones muscles, cures bone problems, and relieves our stress too! Okay, it is decided that I will and I must swim next week! I love my dad because even when he is thousands kilometers away from me, he always contacted and informed me whenever he found a badminton tournament on TV, just like what he did yesterday with the Sea Games. Yesterday badminton match was okay, but today's match is uber tense (haha i remembered Gary and his habit to say 'uber cool'). The shuttlecock was smacked so fast and was returned so beautifully by each players that it stunned me momentarily. Most of all, during that tense moment the players can receive the shuttlecock with style: hitting it from their back as if they are dancing. Now I am truly addicted with badminton and swimming, and I hope this is not just a momentary interest. Today was also a strange day as I randomly asked my best friend about how did we meet and become friend since we barely talk for months when we first become classmates. I am utterly forgot that we talked because he asked me what gift should he gave to my other friend for the "Secret Santa" activity that we once had during grade 8. Until now I still think that meeting is a destiny somehow because there I was questioning why he talked to me, and 30 minutes later we became friends. What was more, we end up in the same class again when we sat in grade 9 - our friendship grows ever since, especially when we also realized that we have the same hobby: playing badminton. It is funny actually when just now we were both arguing about those silly days and we ended up with uncertain information about that history. I am utterly thankful to have him as a part of my life's history. As what I often said within my written works that reminiscing the past is something that can make you smile every time you recall it pieces by pieces. As the majority already knows, I am a boy who loves to imagine and to daydream strange things which usually in form of twisted past events ("if..."). Several minutes ago I chatted with Jesse as we talked about blogs and realized that up to this point we actually already have 61 blogs that are written by 4 different authors but then we were bewildered as most of us have not reached the 12-blogs requirement. While discussing about this pointless issue, we also discussed that our essays can actually be posted as an example of an opposing writing style: factual and emotional. Turns out that our style is blatantly recognized only through a quick glance: Jesse's essay contains facts, theories, logical thoughts, and not forgetting a broad range of mathematical and scientific terms, while my essay is filled with analogies, emotional vocabularies, alliterative phrases, colorful fonts, and numerous adjective which usually considered as verbiage by most invigilators. If more evidence is needed to believe this information just take a quick look to our blogs and see it with your own eyes. We both have the imbalance within our writings, but if those styles satisfy our heart we should keep it up since that what makes our writings unique and give a personal satisfaction whenever we reread it. Who knows what will happened when make an essay together? That would be funny to be imagined about. Up to this point, this Stream of Consciousness is already 1200 words long and it is 10:19 PM already. I think I would better watch a concert on TV because I was afraid that if this gibberish "mind projection" of mine never ends Miss Jessica would reached her boiling point and reduce my grade. I WANT TO EAT CROISSANT AND GO SWIMMING...


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