Sunday, December 9, 2007

Jesse's Stream of Conciousness

Sitting in a rolling chair in front of my laptop, it has been approximately twenty-five minutes since I posted the previous blog concerning the “Soul Entering the Body” I kept on thinking what topic to propose as my twelfth blog because I was unsure whether the two post of my holiday in China was considered to be two blogs or one. I was hungry and seek any food to consume in the refrigerator located in the next room. I drank orange juice and ate Pepperidge’s cookies as I returned when the song in the computer changed to Dream Theater’s ‘Stream of Consciousness’. I thought of the fact that this might be a sign from the higher beings because the song list was set as random and seems as fate has chosen this particular song. Now as I am typing this, I am thinking about the ways of how your life gets directed through omens such as this just now. This reminded me of the story written by Paulo Coelho, “The Alchemist” concerning a shepherd boy who has used omens into following his recurrent dreams and finally found the treasure in a place least expected. It must be nice to have a life as the shepherd boy, living off the main city, away from anguish education system such as the International Baccalaureate, to have a life of real adventure. My adventure seems to homework one after another but nonetheless, it is the notorious IB. To think about it, we have finished approximately ¼ of IB, equivalent to ½ of eleventh grade. Talking about fractions and equivalences, I have not finished my math homework concerning partial fractions and old man Pak Wiryanto would be very much irate as usual if he finds any of the students not doing their homework. He will continue his lecture concerning his belief that students in Mathematics Higher Level should do their homework and become a consequent student or else they should just drop to Standards. My mom just gave me bananas to eat so I shall pause before I continue. Now as I continue, my mind is thinking of something to write. But seems that I have again experienced a “Writer’s Block” that has always occurred to me in any writing assignments especially the introduction. Yes, it has been a custom that it is quite difficult for me to write a catchy introduction even if I have brainstormed all the points needed for the body. I think this is because of my slightly melancholic personality in wanting things to be perfect, and I do want a perfect introduction. My temperament is a Phlegmatic-Melancholic, with 60% phlegmatic, 25% melancholic, and the rest being choleric and sanguine. This resulted was taken after a long test in a particular website. I have not done tests from websites recently, due to the busyness of life. I usually like to take them to find out more of myself and what I might be capable of in their perspective. Talking bout the busyness of life, I also have not gone to the theaters to watch a particular movie for a long time. The last time I watch a movie was recalled to be in September as I watched Ratatouille with a friend. Yesterday was also a busy day as I volunteered to do service on a school called Bakti Sosial and it felt nice doing some decorations and painting. I remember the fact that the noodles nearby was nice and it felt better than waiting for the food in Benton Junction’s ‘Dragone’, more like “Drag On” because they seem to purposely cook slow for those who ordered an “All you can Eat”, they should put a sign “All you can Wait” too! I cannot seem to wait for the holiday break for some of the guys have agreed to do sleepovers again in few different places. It has been like a tradition for those who are not going anywhere for the break as we enjoy the days together doing weird activities and watching stupid movies. Those nights were always crazy as we fight for beds and crying out our discomfort of sleeping in squeezed situations. My dad just entered asking if I wanted to go out to eat together with the family, for once he seem to notice my busyness as he usually just forces my brother and I to go out regardless of what we are doing. I replied no and thus became home alone. Yes, I like being in solitude for some reason. Maybe because with my family, I find them to constantly be disturbing the things I am doing, yes, even when I need some sleep. Speaking of which, I find that sometimes I have trouble sleeping these days, maybe because I slept my long sleep in the nap time and inversely, have my nap in the long sleeping hours. I still have physics to be done after this, an extrapolation of data concerning the “Absolute Zero” temperature where the data seems to be just all wrong since Mr. John did the experiment himself. Now we have more things to say concerning the error of experiment. This reminds me of the experiment we did in the chemistry lab where we place specific metals in a flame and it produces a certain color. Sodium and Calcium produces bright orange and Lithium and Strontium produces bright crimson red. The coolest was Copper and Potassium as they produced green and white flame. Through logic, I thought of the fact that these were how fireworks were created and it was true as mentioned by Ibu Mona. Speaking of chemistry, it was such an agony to see that most of the chemistry students failed the exam in addition to the fact that the average of Mr. Owen’s students was lower than ours. That is just sad…

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