Monday, December 17, 2007

Season's Greetings

Happy Holiday guys, eight more days before Christmas and I hope that all of us will experience a memorable event during this holiday.

Regarding 2008 that is very close, I am changing our blog's template into something that is brighter because I am quite bored with the boring dark background!

To my blog-mates, I hope that I could find a better template to replace this default template. But until then, let's use this template!

P.S. (to my blog-mates) You do found out that the Sign In shortcut is not on the upperscreen anymore. To sign in and post blogs, please go to the main page of ( Thank you and sorry of the inconvenience.


AvaloN said...

Hey...This was one of our blog templates from b4...Glad we changed it, tho.

Anyway, aprt from that random observation, Merry Christmas u guys. Have a great 3-week break :)

"Moo," said the cow. said...

..what?! three weeks?! that's it?

aww.. you changed the template. >.<