Monday, September 3, 2007

Depressive Students...

It is very palpable that when we see most students around us we can actually sense the amalgamating aura of various feelings. Some people have overflowing youth spirit within them, some have the thirst of knowledge, and some have the valor to stand up and participate in innumerable committees. These types of people are such clichés for many generations. But in this epoch of eccentricity, a new type of student arises out of nowhere and suddenly becomes the dominance in a global scale - a type that is well known as Depressive students”.

Clearly indicated by its name, depressive students are students who are very solemn in nature. Basically, this type occurred when students’ excessive effort doesn’t reach their expected result – perfectionism. Hearing the word “perfectionism” we usually pictured that person as someone that is intellectual and omniscience, but the thing is that it is very infrequent for depressive students to feel contentment upon their achievement. When they get 80/100 in a test, they will say they should’ve got higher, and when they get 100/100 they just stay silent and expecting to be more scholarly in the next assignment. Their daily performances are applauding, yet selfish from another angle.

Having the ability to analyze and to foresight many cases, depressive students tend to use this capability to predict their lives’ possible worst scenarios and sometimes they become terrified to their own “hypothesized” futures which are mostly just the results of their melancholic imaginations. A goal that most depressive students have in common is to pursue their truest life’s intention. They wanted to be good at something, but before they searched it they are always thinking that they don’t have any; making them to give up before the actual sighting

Unlike other students who are enjoying every moment of their high school life with what we usually known as a “happy-go-lucky” characteristics, depressive students are acting similar with their own parents to themselves (but stricter and meaner, literally!). Developing into a purer depressive students each day, they are unceasingly diligent and always head to the sunshine with passion and eagerness but once they fall too much, their mental irreversibly shattered into pieces and blown by the pessimistic wind. When this happened, they become too hard to themselves; a looping sequence of self-mockery words revolves around their brain (making their broken mental even worse). Once they have reached the “truest” depressive students, they became super sensitive and very pessimistic in nature: they easily haunted with the littlest remarks from others because the take those comments skeptically with thoughts that they might be insults or sarcasms. Seeing these lugubrious personalities, depressive students are actually people who needs extra care; equivalent to the care that we gave to sick people.

Perfectionism is a wonderful habit and diligence is even more wonderful, but does it have to be sprinkled with negativities just like these? I’m sure that everyone of us possesses negativities within our hearts and it’s actually normal for us humans to have such emotion, but it is very unhealthy to let this pessimism floating to the surface of our consciousness and dominate our life. Furthermore, mental breakdown should be suppressed for it didn’t give us any benefit and only harmed us – making our life trembled with fear; disallowing us to explore our bright, youthful life. As for the critiques’ responses, to be mad about criticism is necessary ONLY if it is VERY VERY rude or is inappropriately delivered. However, we should accept all kinds of remarks – positive and negative – with open ears and hearts because they are actually one of the keys that can lead us to success. Through hearing and thinking about people’s advices to us, we can actually fixed our limitation and weakness; turning us into a better person.

All of you; look at the mirror and glance the life that you currently live in. Are you one of these so called “Depressive Students”? If yes, you should keep the perfectionism and diligence up and throw away the glumness for by it you can be a much better person. (I know I am one and I'm striving for a change =3 )

Yours Truly, Donny

P.S: What Would Jessica Do ? =)

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Dr VoltsperSecond said...


If this blog entry was a mirror an I'm facing it right now, It'll reflect me with infinitesimal vagueness, to the point that you're actually surprised you were really there in that reflection.

Only, my mentality's much more distorted. Therefore it leans to the social and mental retardness side. Blah.