Monday, September 17, 2007

The Painter of Our Life: Our Friends!

If the memories of our life are visualized into a humongous library, I'm sure that one of the biggest section in our library is our friendship memoirs.

Everybody has a friend, even though he/she is good, bad, hyperactive or weird, there is always someone that God has destined to be our friend. Someone who can make you smile during your gloomy days, someone who will always protect you from the bitterness of life, someone whose hand is always ready to grab you when you almost tripped on the stony stairs, someone who will always there when you want to play badminton. In fact, without friendship no one can survive in this world - Even God created us because he was lonely! Come to think of it, the world itself forces us to have friends by not providing any works that can be done alone (even solving math problems requires more than one people to get better understanding).

Friendship is the strangest, the silliest and the sweetest thing that can happened to our lives. It is the reason why we and our friends set fireworks behind annoying adults and after so many years, we burst in laughter instead of feeling bad for the adults. It is also the reason why we know how to cry when someone we love are departing with us. Can you actually imagine our life's history without friend? Study, Work, and Die Young !

Friendship is also unique for it occurred naturally and began with unexpected and unpredicted beginnings, just like a rain during summer. Some friendships happened because of similar hobbies, some happened because of serendipities, and some happened just seconds after they met. For instance, I became best friends with my friend just before the end of homeroom session in the first day of school. I also became best friends with my other friend because he (i think) was forced by Miss Renelyn to guide me during my first days in SPH...hahaha. It is quite weird, but when I think about it, I never regret these "incidents" for now it has blossomed into a flower whose petals give color to my life that once was monochromatic. Now think about your best friends and glance back to the first time you guys met each other...I'm sure that you'll be engulfed with laughter and will eventually remembered about all the silly things that you did - silly things that actually makes your friendship tighter and unforgettable.
At certain times, maybe things fall apart between our friendships. Yet, I think those times are when our friendship is being tested for true friends will always stick like a magnet. Misconception is compulsory within each friendship. When this happened talk about it nicely with each other; by doing so we can understand more about each other's feeling and will establish a tighter bond.

Stick with your friends as often as possible, smile, laugh, hug them every time you see them if you must! Do remember that high school years are the golden years of our lives and ours is nearly reaches its end (about 2 more years). Once we are graduated, separate paths will be taken and there is a very VERY low probability that we can spend our time with our best friends. After graduation maybe we could weep everyday whenever we take a look on our yearbook or high school pictures. So enjoy all the time in high school with your friends while you still be able to see their face at least 8 hours per day, make as many memories as possible (hangout, sleepover, study group, do sports, etc), don't just stay at your house and do IB homeworks everyday. Yes, your academic report cards will be outstanding but is it worthed to sacrifice your friends just for that?

Love your friends and get crazy or silly together - all actions are considered wonderful in friendship. Little by little these actions will produce lump of colors that will eventually burst and decorate our pale heart. Amongst the vibrant scenery, lies a subtle phrase in the middle of our heart - "Painted by: My Friends"


What Would Jessica Do? said...

*sob2x* tears are flowing as i read...seems like i've heard this story somewhere before...again, another blog in giving insights of how valuable friends are; especially within a limited time...

administrator said...

wah. ada gwnya ya don. jadi malu. B)