Friday, September 7, 2007

Double Science War Starts NOW !!

Many 12th graders told me that to take double science is like living in hell, and to take double science HL is even worse. But since pre-IB have begun, my life as a double science HL student is considered fun and happy. What makes it better is that most of us are in the same double science class (Ibu Virna's Bio, and Mr Owen's Chem). A bond suddenly established among us as we always laugh as a class, and we always cooperate too; leading into the making of our customized lab coats (we attached numbers and names just like the ones in basketball jerseys')!! It was a pride to have them for these two years!!

But!!! The happiness starts to be overlapped with the reality of IB double science HL: Innumerable lab reports start to cover our youthful minds. It all began last Thursday when Mr Owen announce us the unfortunate news: "We are going to have a test about Stoichiometry next Thursday." Hearing this news, the whole class suddenly covered with black clouds. The reason is because we don't want to have test, but it's because we also have biology test on that day (the test material for bio is 3 or 5 topics, and it's like 20 or 30 pages or so). Nevertheless, some also have business and economic test on that day also, and we also have two lab reports from chemistry and another lab report from bio! The painfulness is starting to show its devilish behavior.

Guess what's the date of next Thursday ??? 13 !!! such a perfect date for this rancor.

Just like the Spartans said...

"My double science Thursday we will dine in hell!!" hahahahaha

-that is all folks =)

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