Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Laudable Taste of Masterpiece

“Laudable Taste of Masterpiece”

Due to the fact that no issue is being perceived in my mind lately, added with no argumentations of theories and lifestyles, the blog below will not consist of critical thinking or intricate vocabularies. This is unfortunately due to the hectic days with unanticipated series of unfortunate events happening.

Last Friday, I was requested by a friend to aid her in her biology lab report concerning the rate of diffusion. This particular friend is quite incapable in subject areas of all sciences (physics, chemistry, biology and probably even other sciences such as aeronautical science and computer science) as well as mathematics. Even more, she claims to be having minute complexity in dealing with her fine English abilities. Nonetheless, this finicky academic failure ( --“ joking) has invited me to a late lunch on the following day in gratitude for enhancing her biology lab report.

It was a fine ordinary day on Saturday. I followed my routine in going to school to attend the badminton afterschool that is held from eight until ten in the morning. My first unfortunate event happens after badminton practice when I played the bicycle into doing drifts around the school paths. Yes, this is also to investigate circular motion pertaining to the subtopic of ‘Motion’ in Physics. As I tilt the bicycle on a sharp turn, the stand was flicked due to the friction of the ground causing the bicycle to leap towards the air and landed on my right leg leaving quite significant scars. Though there is no notable physical pain, it has become quite difficult to walk, when your other leg had just experienced muscle cramps.

I literally had lunch with goats. (The term ‘goat’ is used to identify a double humanities student; quoted from beloved Pak Wiryanto) It was somewhat a celebration in completing the biology lab report where all the rest of the people are students of a double humanity. Time flies when you enjoy eating authentic western food (with exceptionally high prices) By the end of the main course, the “skillet” was served.

Yes, “skillet” - few days before, this word was introduced by the same particular friend followed by the saying that “if one has not tasted skillet, one has not live” or the like. I on the other hand have no idea what “skillet” is. Is it fish? Fruit? Meat? Dessert probably? This was kept enigmatic until that very lunch.

The skillet is a very unique dessert. To elaborate, it is hot chocolate cookie dough with a scoop of cold vanilla ice cream and additional chocolate syrup topping. I asked this particular friend to feed me and this was the description as well as the impression of the first taste:

“The four centimeter curved diameter of the silver stainless steel spoon was first contact with the irregularly drooling tongue. Then on above it is the soft and tender burning cookie dough melting one’s tongue causing the silver stainless steel spoon to lose its taste and finally the shivering cold vanilla ice cream with lines of temperate chocolate syrup having intact with my sensitive back teeth, causing some brain signals of how excruciating it is yet the flavor is densely thick with chocolate that when swallowed, the throat experiences peculiar feeling of both hot and cold substances of densely rich chocolate flavor.”

In correlation to the movie Ratatouille where taste is identified through a single rhythm of an instrument, and when combined with another food causes what we classified as music. The skillet sounds like a dense elegant harmonious orchestra of both a serene feeling and agitated tempo; respectively. The taste of the skillet truly is wonderful…

This would probably sum up one of the events in my recent weekend, may the next blog return to be a critical thinking piece of writing. Thus, Tuesdays with Jesse


globe.shopper said...

wow.. sounds familiar
i had a very similar weekend to the one you described .. very weird--"

vitriolic said...

ahahahahha i bet the skilet enthusiast is INA!! i know you love it Ina... I LOVE IT TOO.. gw pernah ngidem skillet until I went to Tony Roma alone makan skillet.. well no. sort of.. I LOVE SKILLETS